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Here you'll find all of the pictures and accompanying stuff of the site. The pages display small-ish pictures that you can click on to view a full-resolution version, which are often half a megabyte or more, so be warned modem users.

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2010 »

Italy: Way too many photos. Enjoy!

2009 »

Home Inspection: We're getting a house!

2008 »

Memorial Day: Back to the Jersey shore

Easter: A quick album of Easter photos

New Furniture: We got a few new pieces of furniture, documented herein

2007 »

Christmas: Pics as usual

Schmitt Wedding: Todd and Margie's big day

Disney World: We stayed the whole time this time.

Erin's Wedding: Cousin Erin got married! Wedding season 2007 continues..

Blues Fest: A couple pictures from Chicago's Blues Fest with Ben

Vegas!: We head to Las Vegas for a fun trip

New Apartment: We're pulling the new place together.

The Cannon Wedding: Lisa and Pat got married!

Animal Kingdom: We were in Animal Kingdom in Disney World for a day. Long story.

2006 »

More Memorial Day: This second batch of Memorial Day pictures is from our advetntures on the Jersey shore.

Memorial Day: Out east for the holiday and Lisa's graduation

2005 »

The Honeymoon: And off to Banff

Pre-Wedding Bonanza: Leading up to the wedding

Clare and Bill's Wedding: A Kelly Extravaganza

The Burns-Galvan Wedding: Social event of the season

About town: Kathleen and I have a jaunt into the city.

Kathleen's Big Move: We move Kathleen out to the Midwest.

Kathleen's Graduation: Kathleen graduates from graduate school.

A Bunch of Kelly's Walked into a Bar: Here are some pictures of the family at the Mullets show.

The Silver Mullet Band: Yup, I was there at the now-famous first show. You should've been, too, but all you get are these crummy pictures.

A Wedding and More Out East: Kathleen and I went to a wedding and saw a bit of Baltimore. Enjoy.

South Side St. Pat's: For the fourth year, we participated in the splendid events on the South Side. Much was fun was had, per usual.

Christmas 2004: I spent an extended Christmas holiday in Peoria and Pittsburgh due to my unfortunate job situation. I still had a swell time though.

New Wine Rack: I got a wine rack for Christmas. Furniture pictures!

2004 »

Goose Island Tour: Ben and I enjoyed the brewery tour. I suggest you do so also.

Crocodile monitor blood test: Fun at the Toledo Zoo with large reptiles. Sweet..

Longwood Gardens, PA: Kathleen and I went to Longwood, a sister property of Hagley.

New Apartment: I move up to the Chicago area and document the event.

Philadelphia with Kathleen: We see some historic locations in Philly.

Spring in Delaware: Kephas Olsson's baptism and spring springing at Winterthur

St. Pat's 2k4: Once again, back by popular demand!

New couches!: We got new couches! Look at the old and the new!

The Neon Museum Boneyard: Lots of old fluorescent signs. For historical purposes. :)

Las Vegas, 2004: In January, 2004, Kathleen and I headed to Vegas looking for a fun time and neon signs.

2003 »

Christmas 2003: Kathleen and I went to Peoria for Christmas, which involved the Evans Christmas Party, The Kelly Family Caroling Party, and various other fun.

Thanksgiving '03 in Pittsburgh: Turkey and more!

Chris and Regan's wedding: Regan got married, and a bit of it is chronicled here.

Winterthur, DE: Another visit with Kathleen in Delaware, this time to Hagley's sister museum, Winterthur.

KC, October 2K3: A few tidbits.. John and I move, and sundry others..

Hagley, DE: Off to see Kathleen's new digs in Delaware. Good times and pretty scenery.

Visiting Toledo: Yeah for backstage zoo tours!

Bawls!: Pics from QuakeCon where there was a multitude of Bawls.

QuakeCon 2003: We headed to Dallas to get our geek on with id Software. Lots of gaming goodness, and a good deal of Bawls.

Schmittypalooza 2003: Tonica, IL, August 9th. Just two pics to prove it happened.

John's new desk: John got a snazzy looking desk. I guess I have a theme going here..

K and the (Windy) City: Pictures of Chicago and Kathleen (and more!). This was only my second time to Chicago in almost a year. Very sad. It's a wonderful town, and it'd be nice to call it home again someday. For now, though, it's still an awesome place to visit. :)

K's Birthday out East: Pictures from the weekend of Kathleen's birthday, but not the actual party. Read on..

Sprint BBQ: Some of my coworkers and I took part in a BBQ cook-off on June 11th. Much meat was consumed, and much fun was had.

Baltimore, and Tulips: I visited Kathleen again in April, and got pics to prove it this time. Tulips abound.. Bonus..

Pictures of Kansas City, March 2003: March 29, 2003. To amuse myself, and for posterity, I have photographed a bit of my neighborhood in Kansas City. Come see my world! More than just cows! We have stores too! Main Street, Broadway Boulevard, Pennsylvania Avenue, and The Plaza and the Nelson-Atkins.

St. Patrick's Day 2003: Off to Chicago for the wearing of the green! I had a great time on my first trip back to Chicago in about 6 months. Many pictures here, so they're split up into 8 pages. They are: the airport, scenery, Goose Island, the parade, Wrigleyville, sequential randomness, people pictures and, the outro. Loaded with commentary. Enjoy!

Visiting Kathleen: ...with no pictures of Kathleen. I wasn't very diligent with the camera on this trip. I visited Kathleen out in Baltimore from the 8th to the 11th of March, 2003. We went to DC on the 10th and had a wonderful time all around. These pictures are some quick shots taken about the District.

Ski Trip!: Family ski trip in February 2003. Much fun was had, many pictures were taken. This is my contribution to posterity. Page One, Two, Three and Four

Kathleen visits: Kathleen visited Kansas City for the first time from the 18th to 22nd of January, 2003. We had a wonderful time, but didn't get many pictures. Take a look.

Quick trip to Peoria: John and I drove to Peoria to spend about 24 hours in town for the occasion of our Grandmother's 80th birthday party. She claims she has never had a birthday party before. It was a fun time with a bit of good catch-up with the Evans folks.

More snow: I like snow. Here are my first shots with my Christmas present of a digital camera capturing some Christmas Eve snow in Peoria at the end of 2002.


Old Rolls: These might do better if I organized them separately a bit better, but there are so few really, and they're the same roll of film..

Snow: (276k) Susan Clark sent me this, a beautiful snowy shot of her street after a nice dusting on the second of December, 2002. Pretty.. I love snow..

Tim: (236k) Tim Herman sent me this picture of him holding a venomous timber rattle snake while on a hike in the Ohio wilds. Apparently a very rare find. Cool..

Desk: (29k) My desk. I took this pic soon after moving in to show off my cool and free desk that I got from a friend of John's. I was pretty happy. Yay furniture! It's almost like I'm living a normal life in the real world or something. Odd..

Jackie and Scott's Wedding: June 22nd, 2002. A day that will live in infamy. This page is straight-up pictures, with just a modicum of commentary. Better that way.. It was a very fun day. I was a groomsman. I think Jackie and Scott enjoyed themselves a great deal, despite some expected stressful moments. Much fun.

Italy: In the fall of my junior year of college at DePaul University, I studied in Florence, Italy through U. of Syracuse, NY. I met some great people and had some phenomenal times, not to mention the beautiful things and places I saw and experienced. A major highlight of my life thus far, certainly. I wrote a bunch of big long emails (very long) home to family and friends, and those are here, along with a few rolls of film that I got scanned. I may still add some more pictures (I took about 18 rolls), but for now there's only about 3 rolls. Enjoy!