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Skiing in 'Rado

In the wee hours of February 21st, 2003, John, Julia and I drove out of Kansas City, MO for the mountains of Colorado. For kicks. Yes. For danger? Yes. For solace? Perhaps. But mostly, for skiing in Steamboat Springs. Three out of four of us Kelly kids brought digital cameras, so there should be a wealth of images. Here are mine, or at least the ones that weren't instantly destined for the trash can.

We arrived at the condo in the same number of pieces that we had left KC. Here, Amy is putting away the groceries she just got, while the three of us sit exhausted after basically no sleep in about 30 hours and 1000 miles.

John brought his laptop with him, and here he and Rachel enjoy watching a movie, or some other semi-interactive wonder of the Information Age. No intarWeb, though.

John, like the rest of us, rented skis. He looks smug.

I later took advantage of the laptop, and Rachel and I watched the Chamber of Secrets. I promptly fell asleep.

Back from renting skis. Julia seems happy to be home. Oh yeah, it was snowing. A lot. We got more than 70 inches over the weekend. Excellent powder was enjoyed by all.

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