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Here are some bonus pics from my trip to the tulip garden in Baltimore. I only took one of these, and that was photoshopped a bit before being posted here. Lisa Guardabascio took most of these, with an extra bonus by Kathleen taken about a week before at the end.

You'll notice a similar looking one on the page of my pictures. Kathleen did some photoshopping to remove an unwanted wanderer in the background. You can't tell at all, can you? :) Now, we just have the intended subject.

Kathleen and I call this our prom picture. Lisa wanted one of the two of us, and this is what we came up with.
Tulip Garden 03 002.jpg

Another shot orchestrated by Lisa.
Tulip Garden 03 011.jpg

Kathleen and I have similar tastes in photography, I guess. Or maybe I was just copying off of her..
Tulip Garden 03 015.jpg

I was taking a picture that didn't turn out very well. I had to fight Kathleen on this one, because she's not the biggest fan of being photographed. The picture I took didn't work, but this one that Lisa took of the process I thought was very nice.
Tulip Garden 03 021.jpg

Right after the last shot, Lisa took this one of us. Lisa was being quite stealthy that day apparently, huh? This is one of my favorites.
k & bri trimmed.jpg

Special bonus, by K.