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Here's a couple of programs I've written:

Java Finite Cell Automata Simulation

I wrote this after discussion with a friend of Wolfram's new book A New Kind of Science. Look it up. Interesting, but really big. (Now online!) I wrote a program to print out a graph of dependent finite cell automata for xterm on X11 on my system, but he couldn't use it, as it was just a console program that I shrunk down with xterm so that each outputted character took just 2 pixels on my 1600x1200 display. We got it to output some very interesting stuff, but he couldn't run it on his machine without X (he's a Windows boy, but learning..) and a nice interface would be nice anyway. So, as a final project for my Java class, that I had decided to take as a treat and an exercise in learning OO design, I GUI-ized it with java.awt.*. Good fun. Here's the results.

Text Adventure!

This is the ghost of programming projects past. My freshman year at DePaul, the learning language was C++. So the standard was to take a year sequence of three courses on the language. Save my second of three courses, the courses managed to teach Microsoft's particular (non-compliant) version of C++ used in Visual Studio (MSVC). In my second course, we were encouraged to use the GNU tools. In the others, we often had to turn in MSVC project files, which really don't have anything to do with learning to program, and are entirely unneccessary. I digress.. Anyway, this came to life as an MSVC project, but I've since cleaned it up to compile with gcc and likely any other C++ compiler. It doesn't work, but it's an example of a biggish but basic C++ project. Enjoy wading through beginner's code that has been sort of cleaned up. Go here!


The idea of this program is to make a basic checkbook register program that is fully functional from the command line. I just want to do simple stuff, debits and credits and whatnot. I also want the data files to be plain text so I can edit them by hand, and simple enough that manual editing wouldn't break anything. I've got a rough design here, and the project here.


My first attempt at Perl. Plays various formats of music by wrapping up other players. It was fun. Maybe I'll keep hacking on it..


More Perl goodness! This time, I put together a reminder program. Keep track of all those birthdays! Don't forget your anniversary! Remember your doctor's appointment? Minder can help with all these things..

It should be noted that all code found here is licensed under the GNU General Public License unless otherwise noted. I'm a big fan of enforced freedom. If we don't enforce freedom, who will honor it?