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So what do I do on the internet all day? It seems I've managed to find jobs that allow me to spend too much time gazing at the myriad information on this superhighway, so to speak. Here are a few of the websites that I like to visit pretty regularly. Perhaps too regularly..

GNU/Linux The revered, and for good reason
Freshmeat: Latest software releases
Debian GNU/Linux: The purveyors of one of my favorite flavors of GNU/Linux, featuring the fantastic apt package manager. DPKG rules! RPM drools!
Gentoo GNU/Linux: Really though, no packaging is best. More along the lines of a BSD ports system, Gentoo is a highly optimized, auto-roll-your-own distro.
Kernel Traffic: The drama that is kernel development
DePaul Linux Community: My University's LUG

Blue's News: Blue's Quake Rag
Orisinal: Time wasting games
Shacknews: Good general gaming site
Voodoo Extreme: Another like last, also good

Ars Technica: Great tech/community site
AnandTech: The latest and greatest
Ace's Hardware: Very technical, good stuff
Pricewatch: Get part prices Best web browser. Use it!
MozillaZine: The latest about said best browser A floofy programming site, sorta interesting
CSS/Edge: Web design and layout at its finest. Use CSS! It's the money..
OSNews: Operating System news, if that's your fancy
Kuro5hin: Like Slashdot, yet even more elitest. Wow. Quite interesting, though.

Other Stuff
The Encyclopedia of Arda: Like Tolkien? Welcome to Heaven..
C Library Reference: In case you don't have a good book
Local Weather: Weather in my neck of the woods
HomeStarRunner: A hilarious flash cartoon site. You'll love it. Seriously, Pom-Pom..
Bahua!: My brother's website. Enjoy.
waste (no link, it was pulled): a program released by Nullsoft and subsequently pulled by their parent company, AOL (no link). It's a distributed, encrypted, authenticating group-ware system/communication platform. More info. Download Windows installer. Download source.

Google: Best search engine, period. Getting better all the time.