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01:07 CDT 08/05/2003

Major architectural changes around the old website. You probably don't care, but I think it's cool, and after all, this is all about me. More stopgaps on the way to dynamic pages. This page is still statically served, but I generate it a bit more dynamically. My system simply grabs the last 15 logs entries and puts them on the front page. You'll find all these entries in their respective months on the Old Stuff page. The new page there is a little bare and rough yet, but it's on its way. I'm happy.

Still heading home for a bit this weekend, but mostly for drunkenness in Tonica, IL for Schmittypaloozza '03. I'll have to take many pictures, and I'll likely drink too much. Such is life. Then one day of work and off to Texas. Then Toledo. Whew. Hopefully then Delaware soon after that. Lots of traveling here, huh? That means there should be lots of pictures, too. I have high hopes.

If anyone sees a job opening in Delaware, let me know. ;)

00:05 CDT 08/08/2003

Happy birthday to John! He's all of 25 years old, so his insurance goes down now. And he can run for the House of Representatives in DC. You don't get much else from the world for your 25th, though.

Speaking of birthdays, I failed to mention the anniversary of this site going live, back on John's server. I have since moved to my own domain, as you can see, so I guess it's not so big of a deal. Well, at least my weblog is a just a bit over a year old. And to think, I pretty much started it for a girl. (who hasn't updated her page in ages, but she's still cool.)

QuakeCon is coming up, and I will be attending for the third time. Tons of fun. This weekend, though, is beer with priests at Schmittypalooza, hosted by my good friend, Todd Schmitt (bottom picture). Times will be had, and they will be good. Expect photos.

11:46 CDT 08/15/2003

Well, we made it to QuakeCon! I would put up some pictures, but the bandwidth to the outside world is just a bit too low. It's a wonder that I can even log into my machine at home to post this, but let this stand as a tantalizing promise (to those of you who are tantalized by my website..) of the myriad pictures to come. I took about 30 on the first day, and I think that will slow down, but there will still be many for perusal, once I edit them for content. (read: ditch the dumb ones).

Off to mass tonight, but before that, we shall worship at the altar of Carmack. Life is good.

16:05 CDT 08/23/2003

Working on adding all the pictures I've taken in August. It's been a busy month, and there are about 100 to sift through. It will all be up later tonight, after I add my 2¢ for each shot. That should amount to around a quarter. Peace out.

01:34 CDT 08/24/2003

Well dang. In updating my last log entry, I accidentally blew away the one from the 21st. :( That was Kathleen's and my year anniversary, so I guess, take note of that. We did. It was swell, but would have been moreso if we had been within 1000 miles of each other. Anyhow..

I finished all the pictures from August. Check out the following: John's new desk (it's cool..), Schmittypalooza, QuakeCon (several pages), Bawls, and Toledo. Much fun and traveling this month. Good times, good times.

Hey, and next month, I might even see the Her! That would be hella-sweet!

02:18 CDT 08/30/2003

August is almost over, for whatever that means. It was a pretty exciting month for me actually. I need not recap, because you could just scroll down. :) September is still mostly empty though. Next weekend I head out to Delaware ("We're in... Delaware..") to see Kathleen, as I don't often enough do as often as I'd like. Often.

At the end of the month, though, John and I are getting out of this dump. We're moving to a new apartment that looks less like a tenement and more like a town home. It's not really that our current place is a dump, but ever since the new management has taken over, the little things that inevitably go wrong haven't been properly taken care. A couple big things that have gone wrong have also gotten equal attention. All of this adds up to turning a decent place into a crappy place. So we're quite happy to be on our way to Quality Hill. (sorry, no link)

Tomorrow we are off (once again..) to a Boulevard tour, but this time I'll be taking notes. I'm looking for historical significance this time. Afterward, we shall partake in the annual KC Irish Fest, which has moved out of the Brookside neighborhood this year because people don't know how to park in this city, the police can't enforce parking rules and the locals complained. It should be fun, but must be on the cheap.

One final note: Kathleen is famous, again! I needn't explain, as it is all there in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's article. The deal is all pretty well explained there, but Kathleen says they make her sound like a 6th grader. For the record, she doesn't sound like a 6th grader in real life. Perhaps that link will keep working into the future. If not, I'll grab a copy off of google's cache and post it here. Related: I have a semi-lowish quality scan of the cover, which you can also see in the picture in the article a bit, here. Enjoy!

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