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I hate to have an actual "Best Viewed With..." statement, but despite how simple this page looks, it does use CSS a bit extensively, which is not well-supported by the most popular browser out there, Microsoft Internet Explorer on Microsoft Windows (which I refuse to offer a link to). Using this browser is detrimental to the internet in general as it encourages webmasters to write incorrect code, which in turn perpetuates bad browsers. That's why we have a standards body to define how the web should work. They define HTML, CSS, DOM and all the other formats that make the web usable and useful. That aside, this page is designed with standards compliance in mind, and does not render correctly on non-compliant web browsers, such as any current version of Microsoft Internet Explorer on Windows. If you're using that browser, you may notice that it might be awfully hard to read certain parts, and the color scheme seems odd. Yup, I do my colors in CSS. It hurts my eyes to read this page with IE. It probably hurts yours too. :) Mac users are lucky; MS had to rewrite IE for that platform (they obviously couldn't integrate it into MacOS like it's integrated into Windows), and they're just about spot on for standards compliance over there. Score another for the Mac freaks! :)

Anyway, the point of this small tirade is to point you toward a list of compliant browsers. (I find this extra funny, because that list of compliant browsers doesn't render quite right unless you're viewing with a compliant browser.. "Chicken, meet Egg. Oh, excuse me. Who came first?") I use and love Mozilla, but there are many many others listed there, but not IE on Windows. If you've got a properly compliant browser, you'll make this page look beautiful. It looks fairly awful in IE on Windows.

This is the future! :) Jump on. Be part of the solution!

Oh, and use GNU/Linux.