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02:55 CDT 07/02/2003

Baltimore and other points (point) eastward were wonderful, as usual. Kathleen managed to turn 22, and I managed some photos (Pictures->Uncategorizables->K's Birthday Out East). Jackie and Scott managed to pick up a new house just before I got there, and that was also documented.

Off to Peoria this weekend for some post-4th activities and some friendly catch-up. I'll be staying longer than usual because John will be off to Chicago to see our favorite band. We'll see them again next Tuesday here in town at a very small venue. It'll be great. :)

Off to bed..

19:09 CDT 07/03/2003

I put up a new version of brinance, and freshmeat promptly had it posted too. This one's got a README! Anyone using it, please let me know. It's simple, but I'm still proud. :)

I'm officially off to Chicago with Kathleen on the 26th. We're going to have to check out some of the hotspots while we're in town. It'll be sweet. :)

22:43 CDT 07/10/2003

Guster, GUSTER, GUSTER!! The show was awesome. :) They opened with one of my favorites, Happier, and went right into one of my new faves Careful. This show was punctuated by a lack of audience emails, but the guys did seem to be quite appreciative, marveling at how "enthusiastic" (direct quote) we were. It was phat.

I've got a mellow couple of weekends upcoming. We'll call them "fundraisers." Or rather, "fund-not-so-much-lowerers." It's all the same here. College roomy Ben is swinging by this weekend on his way home to Chicago from Denver. Perhaps you thought KC wasn't really between Denver and Chicago..? You thought right! Ah, but I haven't seen Ben in almost a year and I miss the guy, so it'll be swell to catch up. Booze and animal protein beckons..

20:27 CDT 07/18/2003

I'm slowly getting a better idea of what I want to use this website for. John has been experimenting with the backend of his website for a bit now, and is seeing how far he can stretch it without using a database to support it. He pretty much is using a database, but it's controlled just by the UNIX system itself, so that's kind of fun. Or at least I think so, and I'm a geek, so there.

I pretty much seem just to put up pictures and a couple of programs I've written. Little else. I guess this is not your one-stop Supar InterWeb Extravaganza. Sorry about that. Try here if that's what you're looking for. Oh, and I link the same things over and over again. Ah well.

Oh, and I also talk about my various travels, usually to visit my wonderful girlfriend. The trip this weekend will not involve her, though. John and I are heading to St. Louis for kicks, because we have nothing else to do this weekend. It should be a good time, and we'll likely get the chance to see some family that we haven't seen in a long time. The following weekend, I will be off to the other big city of my youth, Chicago. This time with Kathleen (the aforementioned wonderful girlfriend) to show her the city and introduce her to some friends who are still kicking around the town.

And, there will be more pics from both trips. It's my bread and butter, baby..

17:05 CDT 07/22/2003

St. Louis was fantastic and fantastically cheap! The folks there were really hospitable and wonderful hosts. I've got some pictures that I will be getting up soon, but I've gotta prep them for the web. I've been a little distracted as of late, but I'll get to it soon. John should have his pics up, and he has more anyway. I'll have a slightly different bent, and my commentary will be far more entertaining.

Heading up to Chicago this weekend with Kathleen, as you know if you ever have read this page before. It's gonna be great! I'm quite ready for this brand-new work week to be over already. :)

19:22 CDT 07/25/2003

Not too busy night at work. I'm working on getting my pictures from last week up before I have a bunch more from the coming weekend. If my night stays not-too-busy, then I'll likely get it done. It's coming along nicely. Hopefully, I'll have something for you soon.

22:58 CDT 07/30/2003

Chicago was great! Thanks be to my hosts once again. I've been quick this time and actually got pictures up in a timely manner. Hopefully I'll get the St. Louis pics from last weekend up soon.. Had some difficulty, and then some technical glitches with trying to pull off some creative HTML. Ah well.. Anyway, the latest pictures are up here. (Pictures->K and the (Windy) City) Enjoy!

Future voyages include drunkenness in Tonica, IL Part Tre, and Toledopalooza with Tim Herman and other high school folks, including a zoo, beer and roller coasters. Mix in there a video game convention, and this website should be an utter whirling dervish of activity in August. Er, yeah. Sweetness..

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