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16:20 CDT 05/01/2003

Looks like a fun night at work tonight. Today and tomorrow, one of my coworkers, our Subject Matter Expert (SME), is on vacation, and I have been saddled with his responsibilities, which is heartening in their faith in me. :)

I would like to direct your attention toward this page (took it down). Therein lay a few Powerpoint presentations that describe some interesting things my dad has been researching. Mostly, it's about the Law of ancient Israel, and how most modern thought and theology perhaps doesn't interpret it quite right. Interesting ideas to say the least. Enjoy that.

This weekend is my first weekend in KC in three weeks, so I will suggest to John that it has been far too long since we've attended a brewery tour at our beloved Boulevard. Should be fun. I'm still coming down from my last weekend in Baltimore. I like the city and her residents more everytime I visit. :)

A quick note: Kathleen's friend Lisa, wth whom we went to the Tulip Garden this weekend, put up a page of her shots from the visit. They're very nice with a distinctly artistic bent. On the last page, though, is a great picture of Kathleen and I after I had taken a picture of her. She was a bit embarassed, and I was trying to console her. Lisa's pages are here.

19:53 CDT 05/08/2003

It's been a while since I've had an update, so I will now update with some fun news. My friend Tim Wasson put together a little blurb about modding the bejeebes out of an old NES and making a PC out of it. (Careful with the junkmachine link, it's not all appropriate for the kids..) Well, since Slashdot posted it, he's gotten a lot of publicity, including mentions in magazines, newspapers beating his door down, and now, The Screen Savers is going to fly him out to San Francisco, put him up for the night, and televise his mug on June 11th. So he's all excited and stuff, as can be expected.

Aside from that, life barrels on like a runaway train. The job is good, with potential fun and changes in the future that I'll be keeping under my hat for now. Good times are being had.

Wow, a blog entry with links..? Pretty sweet huh?

12:58 CDT 05/18/2003

Long time, no update, no duh. Anyway, I added a bonus page to the Baltimore tulips page. A little remix and different perspective. Mostly, though, in response to badgering from my sister, Julia. So there are several of Kathleen AND myself, if you're into that sort of thing. Enjoy.

John and I saw the Matrix Reloaded again last night. Second time for both of us. I was a big fan. I've heard all sorts of assessments. From too much fighting, to not enough. From too heady and too many big words to far too simplistic philosophically. My non-spoiler review? I loved it. It's a cliff-hanger, so don't expect resolution. The good news is that we'll have that resolution before even the next Lord of the Rings comes out. The rest of this year is shaping up well, media-wise in my book: Half-Life 2, Doom 3, Matrix 3, LOTR 3. Hey, we might even get some original gem too! Wouldn't that be swell?

Listen to Badly Drawn Boy.

18:50 CDT 05/27/2003

Looks to be a slowish night at work. Memorial Day was a non-event for me. At one point, while sitting at my computer, I heard some booms and saw some flashes. Ah, fireworks.. So John and I watched fireworks for a while from my bedroom window. That was kind of cool.. :)

Heading home this weekend, so anyone in Peoria, here's your notice. I don't think I'm going to have much free time, as it will be mostly family bonding time. I'm bringing Kathleen home with me for the weekend, so she gets to experience the whole "meet the parents" thing, like I did at Thanksgiving. Wish her luck. I'm sure we'll all get along fine.

Now some real discussion.. The Matrix Reloaded. I saw a midnight showing with my coworkers as a team-building activity. ;) Fun fun. I've heard lots of people's thoughts, and I'd like to relay an idea I had about the whole deal. So as to not spoil things for those who haven't seen it, I'm putting my comments elsewhere. Don't click the link if you haven't seen it, as it is riddled with spoilers.

Just picked up Jack Johnson's latest, On and On. I've only listened to a few songs, but it doesn't sound like Jack has tried anything too crazy and whacky on this one. Sounds really good to me. :)

17:40 CDT 05/29/2003

After an unfortunate run-in with a tow hitch in Peoria a few weeks ago, there was some minor damage to my car, notably my passenger's side headlight. The car is presently in the shop, having a new headlight put in and getting a new mounting bracket installed. Not much fun.

Big weekend plans still have the official go-ahead. Off to Peoria with Kathleen and QT with the family. Then back to KC Monday night for QT with K. I'm sure it will be over way too quickly. :(

Software of the moment: aspell! This site is now thoroughly spell-checked, thanks to this nice console spell checker. I'm not sure all spelling errors are gone, but I know for sure it's much better. I know this because I found a couple hundred errors with aspell, and corrected them, as best I could. Whee! Geek? Me? Perhaps..

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