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07:28 CDT Saturday 09/09/2006

You might think that updates to this website have basically ground to a screeching halt, what with the last entry being February. You would be mostly right. I've got two updates for you though. Both very long in coming.

First there's a new version of brinance. If you're reading this page, though, I doubt you care a hoot about that, though. I thought I'd mention it anyway. If it works for me for a bit longer, I'll probably post it to freshmeat.

The other item is more pertinent to those who have been waiting for me to actually post something here. Now that Labor Day 2006 is officially over, I thought I might as well get the Memorial Day pictures up. There are two batches: Lisa's Graduation and hooding, and our trip to the Jersey shore. Enjoy!

Our anniversary was excellent, thank you very much.

Talk to you again in six months.

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