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21:10 CST Thursday 11/10/2005

Maybe I'll clean them up some more, but for now, they're done enough. Yup, the pictures are done. There are two batches, but they're bigger than the last few. The first batch is for everything leading up to the wedding. The wedding went off splendidly, and we had a nice first class flight (woo free upgrades for honeymooners!!) from Detroit to Calgary, making it into Canmore Sunday evening. We also took lots of pictures there.

You can also get a few more views of the wedding in photos. Lance took a nice bunch of pictures. Nikki has quite the camera eye, herself. Last for now, and not least, my brother put a set up at his website.

You should now be officially overloaded on our wedding. I'm thinking about writing a rant on the whole wedding process. Don't hold your breath.

18:39 CST Tuesday 11/29/2005

Check out Pandora. Wow.

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