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17:51 CDT Thursday 04/14/2005

Perhaps, this summer, the web page will be updated more frequently. The summer is shaping up to be pretty darn busy, as one might expect being the last few months leading up to my wedding. I think Kathleen and I have got things mostly in hand (Kathleen's hands, rather), so hopefully the craziness will mostly be planned, rather than planning. All the planned events, though, create quite a potential for pictures and whatnot. As I think of this website more as a chronicle/diary for the future rather than a blog for the present, I think it's mighty important to get a lot of these upcoming thoughts and memories recorded here on the site. Wish me fastidiousness.

To the ends described above, I've got small batch of pictures from my trip out east last weekend.

This weekend, I'm heading into town to meet my sister Rachel for lunch and then partying down casa Ben & Todd. It should all be quite delicious. The following weekend, Kathleen is coming to town and we're going to sign on the dotted line for our new apartment. She'll be moving in in June, and I'll join her after we have established a sacramental union. Between then and my own lease running out, I'll be taking up residence with my Aunt and Uncle who live nearby. They're quite swell for taking me in. W00t.

Enjoy the beautiful weather, if that's what you've got.

22:55 CDT Wednesday 04/27/2005

It's official! Two things that is. Last weekend, Kathleen and I picked out and signed for an apartment in the wilds of Lisle. It's a great looking two-story town-home thing. Kathleen's favorites features are the fireplace, bay window and window seat. I'm excited for the laundry in-unit and plenty of room for my computing super-center.

The other official thing is the honeymoon. The location has been reserved for a while now, but I actually put down money today and paid for the plane tickets to Calgary. We're going to Canmore, Alberta in the Canadian Rockies. It looks rather pretty, and the food at the place where we're staying looks out of this world.

Tomorrow looks like a fun day of programming and sliders. Chicken Rings!

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