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18:30 CST Friday 03/18/2005

I'm not dead! I've just been busy at work. I do have a tidbit for you, though. I just finished putting up some pictures from the South Side St. Patrick's parade from last weekend. There aren't as many pictures as there have been in prior years because, living in the area, it wasn't really a weekend event. It was still a great time, though.

Nothing much is up this weekend, but next weekend, I'll be attending my first ever Easter Vigil mass with Kathleen in Delaware. In all my years of Catholicism, I've never been to one of these Catholic-o-ramas. It's the one times of the year where we're almost up there with the Baptists on service length. Afterwards, we will both exuberantly break our beer fast. I'm bringing some Chocolate Bock.

The word is official. Kathleen is moving to the Chicago area in June. It'll be pretty unreal to actually have her in the same town. To go visit, I've just got a few minute drive, rather than the several hour ordeal of airports/flight. There's only one way I think we could better that situation. I guess I'll just marry her. :)

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