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16:01 CDT Wednesday 05/05/2004

I've been running behind lately. If you are offended by that, then let me say that I apologize. If you don't care, then neither do I.

The Lil' Sis visited us this past weekend, and let me tell you, it was tons o' fun. I managed to spend a few hours with her, as I didn't get off work until Saturday night, and she left at about 7:30am on Sunday. So that stunk. It was still good to see her of course.

I'm working on a small collection of pictures from my last visit to Regions Eastward. Fun stuff, including some pictures of Kephas' baptism. Pictures forthcoming, as usual.

08:10 CDT Thursday 05/06/2004

Great Big Sea was awesome, as expected. It's been a bit over a year and a half since I've seen them (at Navy Pier), and I knew I had happy memories for something. The tiny venue was packed and energetic, with everyone singing along, or at least faking it on some of the newer songs. Afterwards, John and I tried to catch them outside. Between encores, they had gone out the side door of the bar, which is about ten feet from the front door and opens onto the street. So after their last encore, John and I booked it out of the bar, but GBS had been too smart for us. They had already gone another way and made it out to their bus. A small crowd started to gather 'round the bus, so eventually Alan Doyle, the lead singer, climbed out. Autographs and handshakes ensued, and I now have a witness on my driver's license for being an organ donor (mad props go to Phil Olsson). It went down something like this:

Alan: So, what organ do you plan on donating?

Me: Whichever is needed. (I'm being very clever here.)

Alan: Well, mind your liver.

Me: Ha. Thanks.

Afterwards, John had Alan leave an inappropriate voicemail for me. We then decided that we had probably bothered Mr. Doyle enough, and staggered home.

15:50 CDT Friday 05/07/2004

The pictures from my last big trip are up. Enjoy those.

John heads out to California through next weekend starting sometime this weekend. So, if you're bored, and want to make a run down to KC and visit your old pal Brian, this would be a good weekend. Yeah.. I work tomorrow, as usual, but then I don't work again until next Thursday. What will I do with my time? Hopefully get a job near Delaware.. Or maybe I'll just pay bills and read a book or two.

Yo quinto se dablo enchilada por queso un queunto miñuto.

17:37 CDT Friday 05/14/2004

Success! The tedium of my job has inspired me to cook! I usually make myself a sandwich for lunch at work, to save on the cash. Unfortunately, that's gotten a little old. So, with the intent of recreating a wonderful recipe my grandfather has made, I set out to make potato and sausage stew. I ended up with something completely different from his concoction, but darn good in it's own right. Actually, it's a whole lot like what was my favorite side dish at Goose Island back in Chi-town, the German potato salad. The difference being, instead of bits of bacon, this has big bite-size lumps of beef sausage. Mmm.. sausagey delicious..

Looks like I've got a fair amount of travel coming up. Next weekend, I head out east to meet with a recruiter. I imagine I'll squeeze in a couple of days with Kathleen, too. :) The next weekend, my sister Julia might very likely maybe visit Cowtown and we will show her the requisite beer and bbq. Rest assured, good times are on the way! Woo! Then later in June, big family pool party part one. I'm not sure when part two is, but I've been told there will be two. There's quite a crowd if we try to wrangle all sides at once.

I put up my resume. Hire me, east coast folks.

18:18 CDT Thursday 05/27/2004

I got back from Delaware et all on Tuesday night. Kathleen and I visited Philadelphia and had a swinging time. We saw the original house of congress and supreme court buildings. For dinner we ate a late 1700's period restaurant called City Tavern. Twas much fun.

Looks like the world of pizza has had a blow. Italian officials have standardized pizza, basing it on traditional Neapolitan pizza, which, personally, I thought was pretty lackluster. Thin crust, soupy sauce, uninteresting ingredients. Understand that I come from Chicago-style school of pizza appreciation, so the Italian bent is pretty not good in my opinion. So just like the EU has rigidly defined chocolate, now they've done the same to pizza. Frankly, I think Pizza Hut is better than any pizza I had while I was in Italy for three months back in 2000.

Just had to get that off my chest. Oh, and a few pictures from the aforementioned trip are on the way. Woo!

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