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16:05 CDT 10/02/2003

Looks like we've got our internet up and running at home, but we still have hurdles to, uh, hurdle. It looks like we're gonna go with wireless to connect my machines to apartment network and the internet. So, we both need to get wireless routers, I think. I'm going to have to do some research to figure out exactly what we need.

I took some pictures over the moving weekend, so I'll get those up as soon as possible. Gonna be busy this weekend, though, with the folks and Kathleen around, so the pics will likely wait until after the weekend. Good times until then..

02:50 CDT 10/08/2003

Had an awesome time this weekend. I didn't take any pictures, but John did take some which he will hopefully post soon. His page has a very long post that I shan't repeat here. Already planning the next meet-up with Kathleen. We're going to catch the November 1st Guster show in DC with a few folks. And thanks to Southwest (and to me for buying lots of tickets) my flight is free! Mad props to the Rapid Rewards program. You should sign up if you use Southwest, too.

John's heading out of town this weekend, so if anyone wants to come down and visit the new swinging pad, you'd be most welcome! I have beer! Er, yeah.. Or I can entertain myself with my very own Mario Sunshine.

03:28 CDT 10/20/2003

Been awhile.. Yadda yadda. October has been really fast here in KC. Perhaps because of all the recent changes; new home, new work (same job, new location is all). Gee, what's in the pipe, Bri?

Well, I'm glad you asked. November first, I once again head out to the still-sodden Charm City for a quick fly-by as I head down to Washington by way of Laurel, MD for a concert featuring (guess!) The Mighty Gusteros! Kathleen, Lisa G. and Hideki will be joining. Kathleen and Hideki are virgins to the live Guster thing, but Lisa tells me she is totally old school, and I trust her, so we'll just go with that. Visting Laurel will involve seeing Jackie and Scott. They apparently have a lot more stuff in the new house than the last time I was there.

The following weekend, the second Kelly cousin wedding will occur, featuring our senior member, Regan. John and I head up to Chi-town for the festivities on the 8th, and because of our odd work schedule, we should be able to get in the requisite family time and be able to sqeeze in some social appearances too. Yeah for every Monday off!

I've also been meaning to get some pictures up from a while ago.. Our move-in and seeing Kathleen and the folks the next weekend. I'm actually moving on that, though, so that should be soon. Oh, and a re-structured cleaned-up way-better version of brinance soon! Found the last major pernicious bug tonight. Whee!


17:57 CDT 10/21/2003

I told you I'd have those pics up soon. Nothing too exciting, but here's a small glimpse at my October. Good times.

Remember the badgers animation? Well, I found its proper home, so I think I'll unpost it here. Take a gander at Weebls Stuff (alternate)! Crazy weird. But oddly soothing. Watch the cheese family outing to the zoo. Not all suitable for the kiddies, but funny just the same.

Oh, and brinance is just about ready.. doing some final testing at home..

18:19 CST Monday 10/27/2003

John, Matt Myers (gracious host of this web page) and I went to Lawrence, KS for a show last night. We saw Karl Denson's Tiny Universe. They were fantastic! John describes the music is being a kind of jazz, but I found it to be more like funk. Regardless, it's tough to classify good music, and it was awesome. Karl used to play sax and flute with a spot of vocals with the Greyboy Allstars, and now he's doing likewise with the Tiny Universe. The concert was recorded to FLAC, and we should be able to download it soon from Sharing the Groove, so that'll be cool. I'll hopefuly have a CD of the concert burned soon.

John officially starts his new gig tonight. He's still going to work the same graveyard hours this week, but should be starting on a rotating schedule soon. Oh, and Julia's moving to Cleveland of all places, with USG. Both the working sibs have gotten new jobs.. Now, it's my turn.. Anyone in Maryland or Delaware need an in-house geek? I do Perl!

Out east again this weekend for the usual, along with a visit with Guster. Woo hoo. A job would be swell..

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