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Happy April Fools' Day! Be very careful on the IntarWeb today kids. There's all sorts of bunk floating around on this day of days. If you're not a cynic, be one just for today. If you are a cynic, this day should be a non-issue. :)

So I got that email that every college graduate dreads. Oh, you know what I mean.. "Your email account will be deleted in 30 days." This is not fun. I have numerous email addresses, but only one that I like as my primary, because it is a UNIX login shell. Kinda stinks how transient email is, especially for us 20-somethings. I really don't want to use a webmail as my primary, because it's rather difficult to download old emails from the server. Something with a UNIX login would be ideal, but mere POP3 access would be acceptable. Anyone know an email provider for me? I don't want to use my ISP, because I'm likely moving in not too long, so new ISP. I don't want to use work, because it already takes me about an hour to get through my work email. No need to mix business with pleasure. I wouldn't mind paying for email access, but that's all I want: just email. I'll have to do some googling™. Alas..

It's resume updating time..


Fun time at work tonight. Things kinda went crazy, and I was busy. I was running around to try to get things mostly in order by 9 o'clock, so I could make my usual "I'm shirking my responsibilities" phone call. :) It's all worth it.

Bad news on the computer front. I tried to send back my apparently bum video card. It got damaged in transit, so no replacement for the thus warranty-voided part. They tell me it's fully functional, though. It really seemed like the video card.. So maybe it's the motherboard? Well, if I send that back, I'll get shipping insurance at least.

The Search for Good Email© has come to fruition. I have signed up with CSoft, as they offer a cheap and easy $5 per month for an address at my own domain. And a UNIX login. All is well.

Congratulations to Kathleen on unanimously winning the Hopkins Sudler prize! Isn't she great?

And also congrats go out to Timmy Wasson on something that hopefully pans out, but perhaps should be kept under the proverbial hat for now.

Overall, things are quite well. John and I are going to catch a game with the undefeated Kansas City Royals this weekend. The next weekend is Guster. The next is home for Easter. Then out to Baltimore for Lord knows what. It'll be a swell time, I'm quite sure. Happy webbing!

17:18 CDT 04/09/2003

Conference calls are worthless. At least the one I'm on is. I dialed in to listen to a bunch of people who are in the same room argue about something that they all admit to not really knowing much about. Why do I need to listen? Drop me an email with whatever you figure out. Ugh.. Update: They dropped the call with no resolution. Are we surprised?

Ah, but work's really not that bad. I have time to work on my web page, right? The screen next to me is a spitting image of the displays in the Matrix ("blond, brunette, redhead.."). Speaking of which, that movie is gonna rock. Read more deatils. It sounds like these two new movies will do to special effects what the original did. Sweet..

This weekend, John and I take in the Gusters in all their glory. They probably won't show the video for Window, as they did in Chicago for John. He assures me, though, that the video itself is pretty lame, despite it being my favorite of their songs. I'm sure I'd enjoy it anyway. The opener in Chicago had a violinist, and they have a different opener in Lawrence, so I doubt they'll play the song at all. Too bad. It'll be tons o' fun anyway.

Then Peoria, then Baltimore, then Peoria again with the gal from Baltimore. Life is good. :)

20:15 CDT 04/13/2003

Happy Palm Sunday! Had a fun weekend, especially last night. John and I went to a Guster concert in Lawrence, KS. The show was fantastic. They played all of my favorites, including Window, which they basically never play due to lack of violinist got some air time. A gal (Holly? Molly? Couldn't quite hear.) had emailed them and asked if she could play violin for them. They complied and called her up mid-show from the back of the crowd. She did a fine job, and thus my favorite Guster tune was played. I was happy. The Gusters even started to play Where the Streets Have No Name, but stopped about a verse into it. I was sorely disappointed, as the crowd was going nuts for it, all clapping in the air to the beat.

The crowd was fun, but very young. Most everyone had huge X's on their hands. I made sure to get a wristband just to avoid the permanent marker, despite my dry disposition as of late. The band seemed quite jazzed by the energetic crowd. Most everyone knew the words to the more recent songs, but when they played Window or during the tougher parts of Happier, John and I mostly sung unaided. Guster promises that next time they won't wait six years to come back to Kansas.

Next week, John and I head home for Easter and festivities. Should be fun.

18:45 CDT 04/17/2003

Just doing a random update. Work is slow tonight, and I have been updating bunches of stuff behind the scenes on this website, but nothing substantial as of late. I was talking to Tim Herman the other day about his recent trip around Europe. He promised me a CD full of pictures, and asked me to put them up on the site here. So, in case you haven't gotten enough shots of Europe here already.. Actually, though, it's some pretty different stuff. Lots of stuff from Rome (I'll be able to illustrate some of my own words with them too..), Paris and some shots around Florence. I do have pictures of all that stuff from my trip there in 2000, but I don't have them scanned, and getting them scanned en masse is either very crappy (Target, bad..) or very expensive ("We can knock it down to $1200."). So I have yet to buy a scanner, and Timmy's shots will hopefully tide you over, if you are in need of tiding over..

Yeah.. Easter in Peoria, Baltimore the next weekend, then who knows what in May. Got to get to Denver and Toledo at some point. Oh yeah, the beer and Cherry Coke will flow come Sunday, for He is risen! Thank God! :)

01:20 CDT 04/22/2003

Happy Easter! Went to Peoria this weekend with John to see the family, or most of them at least. We survived the long ride home, but promised to take the train more often. I presently have a can of delicious of the flavor explosion known as Cherry Coke on my desk, so I know Lent is over. :) Life is quite good.

I finally put up another rambling tirade. (Ramblings->Intuitiveness vs. Usability) Please feel free to send me thoughts, reactions and spelling corrections.

Hey, and my not-as-new-anymore computer seems to be working after an attempted replacement of the video card and a successful replacement of the motherboard. Almost three months later..

Leavin' on a jet plane.. But coming back way too soon. We'll see..

02:50 CDT 04/30/2003

As previously mentioned, I made another trip out to Baltimore this weekend. As always, I had a wonderful time. Kathleen is wrapping up the last bits of her undergraduate career writing and researching and meeting and planning. Oh, and winning fabulous prizes. She seems to be doing quite well. I actually got some photos this time at a beautiful garden near the Hopkins campus. (Pictures->Various Uncategorizables->Baltimore, and Tulips) Good stuff. Enjoy. As for me, I'm exhausted. Off to bed..

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