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The weather in KC has broken and it was actually sunny today. Perfect chance to bust out my weird looking sunglasses, which both of my sisters assure me look good. I'm wearing them in some of the skiing shots mentioned below if you care to see them. I'm just paranoid as to how I look in sunglasses..

So, anyway, onto matters of import. The trip to Baltimore is still on for the day after tomorrow (whee!), with a trip to Chicago for St. Patty's the next weekend. Much fun (perhaps too much) will be had both weekends, so I should be quite entertained. Getting to see lots of people that I'd really like to be able to see more often will be fantastic.

Ah, and Lent is upon us, or at least upon us Catholics. Do any other Christians observe Lent? Anyway, I pray that my observances this year are helpful in my prayer life. Couldn't really hurt.. :)

Work is good. Things are interesting, and it looks like we're gonna be jumping into some more training soon, which should be informative and useful. Also, I'm getting a small annual raise soon, and then very likely a substantial increase in April. I'm living just fine so far, so maybe I can start saving a bit. That would be comforting.

Type at both of you later.


Baltimore was fantastic. Beautiful, sunny and warm the first couple of days, and delightfully freezing the last couple of days. Walked around DC and took a couple pictures of not-people. I was trying to be a little artsy (guess who inspired that..), so I probably need to narrow it down to just one shot of the capital. :) And getting some comments and explanation of the pictures would be nice.

Dunno when I'll be getting back out there, but the sooner the better. Hopefully Kathleen'll be able to visit the Midwest/Peoria soon, but she's a busy gal, what with school visits and theses and whatnot.

Well, off to Stations! Happy Lent!

Update: Been hacking away at the website yet, cleaning things up. I'm now XHTML 1.1 compliant in most pages, and as such, have updated the little link icon at the bottom to reflect as such. Fairly exciting over here. These are the kinds of things you do when you have one 5-minute task assigned to you for your 10 hour shift at work. Yeah, and maybe compose an email to one's girlfriend. That's always fun too. :)


Had a great St. Patrick's Day weekend. Chicago was beautiful and fun. Had very brief catch-up with a number of people and spent muchos quality time with the Todd. The happy Windows-user-but-wants-to-start-using-linux guy mentioned way back in "the day" on this site as the guy I worked with on the cell automata program (aka Shane) was present and reminds me to tell everyone that he is indeed quite cool. Don't worry, he's mostly reliable, even if he thinks Homestar is a little too bizarre. Parsnips will do that to you..

I also got many many pictures of the weekend. I took almost 70, but I plan to whittle that down considerably, as I took several at many shots. Many will end up on the cutting room floor. Lots of good pics of friends and some gorgeous Chicago days. What a great town.. :) It may take me a bit to sort the wheat from the chaff. Update forthcoming..

And to wrap up a wonderful weekend on an even higher note, during my layover in Cincinnati, I got a call from Kathleen. That alone is usually enough to make my day, but this time she also had some incredible news. This weekend she was at the University of Delaware interviewing for the Hagley Fellowship (sp?), a prestigious internship/scholarship program there. She was up against 5 others mostly going for Phd's, and she was chosen for the Fellowship! Things like this keep popping up and really aren't making her decisions for next year any easier. As has been said, it's a good problem to have when people are falling over themselves to give you money and education and whatnot. I think she's gonna be fine. :)


As promised, pictures from my weekend are up and available for your perusal. Much fun, a good deal of writing about it. Trying a slightly new format, mostly because of the shear number of pictures, 40 in total. They're all separated into 8 different sequential pages. Have a lot of fun!!

Looks like John and I have a fun weekend coming up. It looks like a bunch of his friends from college will be coming in for the weekend, semi-out-of-the-blue, which is pretty cool. I guess we'll bust out the air mattress. I foresee this will be a tougher weekend than last weekend for keeping my Lenten promise, and I'm actually planning on keeping to it this weekend. There's no clause I can muster to save me, nor do I want to look for one. It'll be an interesting personal challenge. I worry not. There'll be plenty to do besides boozing. I imagine we'll be swinging by Fiorella's.

Good times will be had.


Well, we're at war, I guess. Although I'm not real excited about this war, because I generally believe war indicates a failure of foreign policy in some way, I do believe this war is pretty much justified. I'm not going to go into all of that just now. I do have one important link, though. This is a slashdot link to a discussion of independent news sources. There's a good deal of self-censoring going on in the American media, which I also think is fine (it's their perogative), but I believe it's important that we're all aware of alternative and international news sources, so we can get another view of the conflict. Democracy depends on informed citizens, so stay informed! Brian out.


Finally, a slight update to the layout. I hope you both like. I'm still debating. I'm not sure how much I like the right-justified dates.. And maybe the background should be darker.. Thoughts? Send them my way. There's an email on this very page for you to use.

Looking forward to a none too exciting weekend. John is heading up to the Windy City to see our favorite band, who will also be playing in beautiful Lawrence, KS in a couple of weeks. Much fun will be had. But no booze. Lent is hard.

Speaking of Lent, I'm presiding over a Stations of the Cross service at my parish tomorrow (Wednesday), so wish me luck/keep me in your prayers. It should be fun. :)


More passive excitement! You may not have even noticed, but if you went to my (now) old page (, you should have just gotten bounced to the new and glorious, graciously hosted by Matt Fu, sharing a ph4t p|p3 with Old links are still working at, but they'll be taken down eventually, so update those bookmarks, you two. Oh, and pardon oddness (broken pictures, bad links, etc.) during the transition.

My weekend is looking to be pretty dull, so I shall live vicariously through Kathleen and her Adventures in Academia. Today she was at a conference hobnobbing with her fellow Hagley fellows and listening to very smart people talk. Then her parents visit on Saturday, which, she tells me, will be fun.

Hmm. Maybe I'll just play Zelda..


More pictures! Yesterday, I drove around KC and took many pictures. Some of them made the cut, and I have posted them on my fabulous website (here). I was hoping to catch Spring as it went about springing. Dig it at Pictures->Pictures of Kansas City.... Enjoiez tout!

Also been pecking through the site and making it all look a bit more consistent, updating the layout on a few pages that have fallen into disarray with my myriad subtle updates. In certain pursuits, I'm an utter perfectionist. Like in spelling. I'm sure there remain some spleling errros, but I'm tracking them down. It's so embarrassing..

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