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Archive time again. Find the most recently archived rants and ravings here. Project Build My New Computer is progressing nicely. The only real holdup is my reluctance to wipe out my previous installations of my operating systems. Here's the situation. I've currently got my desktop machine, erebor, which has a 20gig drive and a 40gig drive. Each drive is split evenly between Linux and Windows (weird setup due to previous reluctance). I want to turn erebor into my file server, storing movie and music files to play on either olympus or any other machine in the apartment. I ordered the new machine, olympus (K-approved!), with an 80gig drive. I want to dual-boot olympus and have just Linux on erebor. So, I'm thinking about taking the 20 and the 40 in erebor and putting them in otherwise brand-new olympus. Regardless, I'm gonna do clean OS installs all around.

So this brings out my general pack-rat nature. My hard-drives are actually pretty well organized, but there's stuff there from senior year of high school that I just haven't gotten rid of. I've been going through and backing up lots and lots of stuff to one of John's machines that has lots of space on it, and it's amounted to almost 10gigs. That figure does not include programs I'm gonna install, or the operating systems themselves. Lots and lots of crud. I'd still have my Nintendo Power magazines from 4th grade if my room hadn't been gutted and rebuilt while I was at college. And lots of other junk..

Oh, and I've got some shots from the Liberty Memorial here in KC. Some pretty, as I even threw some out this time. Oh yes, we have editing for content. What will happen next? Daily interesting updates? Don't hold your breath..

Well, it's about bedtime. I guess I'll probably start the install tomorrow night. :)


It took perhaps too long, but I've mostly got the new computers all configured. Having a little trouble getting the new video card playing nice with X. Otherwise, we're mostly functional. Oh, and as I expected, I did forget to backup some things, namely that last batch of pictures I promised. Don't worry, mine weren't too different than John's from the occasion. No huge loss really.

Ah yes. This weekend is the big family ski trip. :) It was looking pretty shaky there with John and my work, but a little pleading will go a long way. So Julia gets here Friday night, and we drive out in the wee hours after I get off work Saturday morning. It should be a blast.

In further travel plans, it's shaping up to be a busy spring. Two weeks after skiing, I'm hoping to swing a trip back out to B'more to see Kathleen. A week later then is St. Patty's in Chicago. I'm trying to find a time to go see Tim in Toledo. Those tickets aren't cooperating pricewise, though. Then hopefully Kathleen will be able to make it into KC again to see Guster in April, then off to Peoria to meet the parents. Good times sure to be had.


Wow, I've been pretty sparse in February, huh? Life barrels on.. Work has been kinda crazy lately, except for tonight, when I've been working almost exclusively on the website, while listening to a conference call.. "Do you have anything for Production Control?" "Nope, we'll let you know." "Okay.." Anyway, I've gotten a bit accomplished tonight. Good news and bad..

- Bad News: I did forget to backup some things in my recent computer installs. Pertinent to the website, I accidentally deleted the pictures of the Liberty Memorial from the end of January. So you miss some pics. Don't worry too much. John's pictures of the event are about the same. Check at the bottom of the page.

- Good News: I did manage to slap up a slew of pictures from our recent family ski trip. (Pictures->Ski Trip!, or parts One, Two, Three and Four.) Some nice wintery Colorado pictures. Like I've said, I love snow. :)

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