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11:46 CST Wednesday 02/02/2005

Job search status update.. In the past month, I've had two interviews, one meeting with a recruiter, countless Monster/Dice/Careerbuilder job alerts, and at least a dozen emails concerning working from home, stuffing envelopes and making $100,000+ FINANCAL INDEPENDENSE!!!! All in all, I would say it's been going pretty well.

The first interview was for a Perl developer in the Loop, which would have been super sweet. Alas, they found something they didn't like. Yesterday, I had another interview, and I think it went quite well. It looks like they're already looking at my background, etc., which I take as a very good sign. I still don't have a job offer in my hands, though, so I'm still looking around. Dice has been my target today.

Anyway, the company that interviewed me yesterday looks pretty good to me. It's a Perl job, and the job is familiar in other ways. I'll tell you more in person if you want to know. Anyway, I'm invoking prayer/animal sacrifice/happy thoughts from my friends and family once again on this one. Wish me luck!

15:12 CST Thursday 02/03/2005

Here's a quick post just to note that I've put up pictures from my Christmas holiday, now almost a month after I got home. Enjoy them.

Rilo Kiley rules. Shoo bop, shoo bop. My baby.

15:21 CST Tuesday 02/15/2005

Well, it looks official. I've gotten a job offer that looks good to me. It's for a job even closer to my apartment than the last one (about a 10 minute drive), and it looks like the benefits/vacation/good stuff is all quite good. I still have to sign the paperwork, but it looks like it's on. :) I start next Tuesday, the 22nd.

In the 'tween time, Kathleen should be showing up at Midway around 11pm tomorrow, and she'll be here through Sunday. Since we haven't seen each since early January, we're looking forward to doing nothing, save the Final Fantasy concert on Saturday. It should be great. :)

I also got my car back, finally wrapping up the incident of some guy hitting my car in the parking lot at Avanti's in Peoria. It's running fine, thanks.

22:50 CST Tuesday 02/22/2005

New job. Day one. It was a good day, though not amazingly exciting. I'm getting settled in and trying to familiarize myself with the system they use. It will take a little while to get a handle on it, but that's pretty normal. In no time, I'll be churning out documents and whatever else they can throw at me. They're issuing me a laptop. Maybe I'll have it dual boot some Linux distro and see how well it works in their environment. We'll see..

Tomorrow's my big orientation conference call. Hopefully I'll get all the paperwork done soon. :) It seems they don't like people to ssh out of their network, so it makes it difficult to check my real email, log in at home and update the web site. I'm working on it, but perhaps it is a lost cause. Dang firewalls..

Kathleen's visit was great, as to be expected. We looked at a bunch of apartments and did numerous errands. Good times were had. The Final Fantasy concert was pretty great, with composer Nobuo Uematsu in attendance. There were only a couple songs from the earlier Final Fantasies that I've actually played, but the renditions were quite satisfying. And there weren't too many cosplayers.. :)

Anyway, money should be returning to my wallet, which means less/no debt. Woo!

18:13 CST Monday 02/28/2005

I shall join with my siblings and e-wish my sister Julia a happy golden 28th birthday. Big ups, yo.

New job after five full days. I would say today was my best day yet at the new job. That's mostly because I actually felt useful. I was working on a fairly complicated job all day with relatively little attention needed from my coworkers. I was busy and not bored, which was definitely nice. I was still idle enough that I got in plenty of useless web surfing, but I imagine that will not remain the case for long.. :)

I found a good write-up on the Final Fantasy concert that I mentioned previously. It sums it up nicely, I believe. One thing I didn't realize was that they did in fact play at least one song from each major Final Fantasy game (2 from VII and 1 from FF Adventure). I did find Uematsu to be a little self-indulgent at the end, but I can't really blame him. He does good work.

I can't wait to have beer again..

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