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09:00 CST Wednesday 01/05/2005

Happy New Year! As we embark on a new year, don't you think it's about time we dropped the two thousand? I say we just call the year twenty oh-five. There, that's settled.

I'm still in Pittsburgh for my very extended stay out here. I've only got two more days, and the thought of leaving is already plaguing me. Hopefully, when I get back, the job search will be quick and fruitful.

Ocean's 12 jumped the shark and broke down the fourth wall in an uncomfortable way. Still a lot of fun, though. Just my opinion..

00:32 CST Sunday 01/09/2005

Quick pictures update.. I've got a ton of photos from the holidays, but as you might expect, I'm still sorting through them. For now, I put up some pictures of my new Christmas wine rack. Woo!

More to come, including parties, boozing, and rolling dice.

14:08 CST Wednesday 01/12/2005

I've been working hard on the job search for about two and a half days now, and I'm already getting good leads. The search is certainly not over, though, which is why I'm posting my resume for everyone to see and hopefully develop insatiable desires to give me money for playing with computers.

Anyway, initial reactions are darn good, so please keep my search in your prayers and keep your ears and eyes open for jobs I'd like, if you like.

16:44 CST Wednesday 01/26/2005

The job search continues steadily on. I'm getting actual nibbles, but no lunkers have chomped on yet. I'm still eating, though. God bless the state of Kansas for giving me back some of the money they wrongly (but legally) stole from me. It'll hopefully get me by for a while.

After seeing some ranting and raving debate between my brother and Tim Wasson, I thought I'd articulate my position on the whole iPod V. <insert digital music player here> debate. I'm inserting the Rio Karma. Here are my ramblings on the subject. Enjoy.


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