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16:31 CST Tuesday 12/07/2004

Well, quite unfortunately, I'm back on the job hunt. The company I was working for decided they needed to reduce headcount, and I guess I was up on the block. It was a relatively amicable separation, fortunately. I hope I can find a new job quickly, of course. If anyone has any leads for an out of work Perl hacker around Chicago or the mid-Atlantic, let me know. :)

01:02 CST Tuesday 12/14/2004

Well, since the bad news, I've been working fairly furiously on updating my resume. It's about ready now, and I will soon post a version here for random people to peruse. Basically, I'm a Linux/UNIX geek looking for a career where I can be geeky with other geeks, and be paid ridiculous amounts of money. I'm a fan of Perl especially, but I pick up other things quickly. I'm modestly proficient in C++, Java, HTML, HTTP, XML and a smattering of other stuff. Shoot me an email if you'd like to point me in the direction of a great job.

Looking for free fun over the weekend, Ben and I hit the Goose Island brewery tour. It was much fun and well-documented. Enjoy.

09:25 CST Tuesday 12/28/2004

I'm on location in Pittsburgh, PA, enjoying the post-holiday bliss. Kathleen and I are heading out to a few places to do some more wedding/shower registering. We'll probably have a few linked registries up on the wedding page in a few days. We're already registered at Bed Bath & Beyond, and we have a couple of items on the registry at Williams Sonoma. Today we're registering at Kaufman's (aka Famous Barr, Strawbridge's, etc..).

I had a great Christmas at home in Peoria and here in the 'Burgh. We're pretty much taking it easy with some family visits tomorrow. I'm taking advantage of my employment situation and taking a long break. I'll be back into the job hunt thing when I get back to Chicago. Wish me luck..

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