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08:46 CST Thursday 11/04/2004

Well, it looks like it's decided, so I will now present my political rant.

Those who know me well would probably describe me as conservative. I did not vote for Bush, though, but I am happy he beat Kerry. If the election were actually a two horse race, I would have voted for Bush. Instead, I put my support behind the Libertarian candidate, Michael Badnarik. I had no illusions about him winning, but aren't we supposed to vote for who we want to win?

I could go on a Libertarian tirade, but I'll spare you. Basically: Personal freedoms/responsibility/accountability → GOOD! Giant government invading my personal business and stealing my property → BAD! Neither Bush nor Kerry really pass that litmus test, but Bush is a bit better at it. Even if Kerry had won, though, I don't think it would be any worse in the long run. Either way, PATRIOT II isn't likely to pass. It's pretty darn unpopular in the legislature, and let's pray it stays that way.

This past weekend, Kathleen was around for my cousin's wedding. We got a couple of pictures, but they're more likely to get on the wedding page proper than here. I'll still let you when they go up, though. Mostly Kathleen and me dancing. I don't know how interested you all are in that.. :)

In summation: Badnarik in 2008!!

22:21 CST Sunday 11/07/2004

Well, I got the new camera. It's a Fujifilm FinePix A340. Thanks to Kathleen's sharp eye for the Best Buy ad, I managed to get it at a discount, along with its docking station (Rechargable! Woo!) and a memory card. It doesn't seem to require any special software to pull the pictures off, but I only realized that after installing the crufty Fuji-ware that came with it. Tip: it'll work better if you turn it on while it's connected. Tuck that one away.

Had a nice mostly low key weekend. I went to Goose Island for a few drinks last night with Todd, Ben and Sarah. Sarah and I discussed the wonders of Libertarianism. It was good fun.

Yesterday, during the day, the DePaul Linux Community had an installfest. I attended and took the opportunity to re-install my Gentoo system. It's still building as I type, but it's mostly working. I just love the look of compiler output. :) I just started X, with mozilla and openoffice up next. It should be going at least overnight.

Anyway, hopefully there will be a flurry of pictures with the new camera. Maybe next weekend..

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