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22:46 CDT Friday 10/22/2004

The weekend arrives, and I finally have a moment to update the website. One or the two of you might have noticed that there was some downtime for the site this morning. Well, I moved it over to a new server. My old host, though free, was about to lose the ability to give me UNIX login access, which had to be remedied. So here we are, all hosted by CubeSoft. They rock.

Since the last time I updated (I won't bore you with an apology), I've been out to see Kathleen and I busted up my camera. The trip to out east ended in Pittsburgh, and we got a lot more wedding planning out of the way. She is assuring me that we're almost in the clear. We'll see..

I managed to drop my digital camera such that the battery door won't stay shut anymore, and I can't successfully hold it shut, which stinks. So, I'll hopefully be popping for a new camera soon. The main thing I want, I think, is a rechargable battery. I don't care so much about resolution, just as long as I can get correct color 1600x1200 images.

This weekend, there will be some geekiness. The DePaul Linux Community (DLC, f. DGLUG, f. DLUG) is having a Linux Expo on the Lincoln Park campus. I'm going to stop by and see how they're doing. It should be fun.

Next weekend, my cousin Dianne is getting married, so the whole clan on my mom's side is getting together for what promises to be a great time. Kathleen will have her camera, which she has offered to let me hijack for the purposes of getting some pictures. Maybe I'll finally have a substantial update. :)

Anyway, work is keeping me busy and entertained. Wedding planning is keeping me busy and frustrated. Kathleen is keeping me busy and happy. All is well.

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