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08:26 CDT Wednesday 09/08/2004

I won't even mention that updates are few and far between lately. That would be lame to keep mentioning that. I'm not lame. I won't do that. Certainly not.

This weekend, I finally got to Cleveland to see my sister's new pad. She's been there a good while now, and this was my first time there. Being in the Chicago area as opposed to Kansas City made it a lot easier, because it was just a long drive rather than a flight. We saw an entertaining stand-up comic, which was fun. Playing cards into the not-so-wee hours was fun. We also got a picture with the Cheatar! H*R fans rejoice! I didn't get any other pictures, though, and the Cheatar pic is forthcoming.

On the way home, I stopped by Toledo and visited my favorite reptile keeper. Look what happened. It was pretty cool, to say the least.

Wedding planning is fairly crazy. We're pretty darn ahead of the ball so far though, so that's nice. I can't imagine what planning a big traditional wedding under more of a time crunch would be like. Not fun, I think. :)

23:03 CDT Monday 09/20/2004

That new section I mentioned a while back is ready to go live. Enjoy all the bits Kathleen and I have been putting together for our official wedding website. Cheers!

08:39 CDT Wednesday 09/22/2004

Busy busy lately. As I've mentioned before, the new job just doesn't afford the free time during work like the old job did. I'm still doing plenty, just not as much on the website here. :)

Since the engagement, wedding planning has been going full blast. We've got a surprising amount of the big things planned already, but I'm sure it's the little things that'll come back to bite us before this is all over. We're tough, though.

Last weekend, Kathleen was in town and we went to the wedding of a couple of folks I went to high school with, Katie Anderson and Scott Laidler. The wedding was in Peoria, so we got some brief time there. It was much fun, and there was dancing, so happiness abounded.

This coming weekend, Ben and Todd are moving into a new apartment, so I'm helping them out. Surely there will be much heavy lifting, followed by good food and beer. They've got a swinging pad up a bit north of their current location. I'm looking forward to seeing the place.

More travels are ahead. Details, you know, eventually.

22:47 CDT Wednesday 09/29/2004

It's a busy couple of weeks at work. We've had to work some longish hours lately, but today I got to fiddle in C for the first time professionally. Enums and structs and #defines, oh my! It's kind of hard to get my mind in C mode after I've been doing Perl for so long. If that doesn't mean anything to you, then just know they're quite different. It's almost like thinking in a different language.

The wedding website has been a bit of a hit so far. Make sure to check out the guestbook if you haven't already. The usual crawlers of the site have already gotten to it; why haven't you?

Heading home this weekend for Mr. Wasson's birthday. How many websites does that guy have? I look forward to seeing some of Tim's closer friends that I don't see too often. Should be fun.

You may or may not notice that I changed my email address on the sidebar. If you noticed, then you'll notice it's a Gmail account. Gmail is pretty interesting because you get 1GB of storage, it has a fantastic interface and you can only sign up if you're invited. If you'd like an account, just let me know and I'll set you up with one. It'll probably make you dump any other webmails you've got.

Anyway, I hope you had a nice September.

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