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14:04 CDT Tuesday 08/03/2004

Good times abound. The weekend before last, Kathleen got to enjoy the hospitality of both my new apartment, and my parents home in Peoria. Much fun all around. Then, this past weekend, I went down to Peoria solo and had a great time at my step-mom's family's pool party, also at the folks' place.

Work continues to be good. Nothing too notable to report. Still getting to know everyone and all the technical stuff I need to know.

This coming weekend should be a nice throwback to high school or so. If you're at all familiar with me, or have more than superficially perused this website, than you know that I'm a big geek. How geeky? Well, another plank in that platform is my love of D&D, or Dungeons & Dragons. Oh yes, that geeky. My latter-half of high school D&D group is partially reforming since I'm now a lot closer to the rest of them. Looks like we're going to roll up some new characters and put together our backgrounds this weekend. It should be fun.

If that's not geeky enough for you, then know that in between rolling dice and nit-picking falling damage, I'll be slowly making my way through Doom 3, the latest from id Software. I am most definitely too excited about this game.

I'm a geek, and I'm proud, but so is she.

23:19 CDT Wednesday 08/11/2004

Okay, maybe I'm just a wuss. I can't play Doom 3 for more than 20 minutes at a time. It just freaks the ever-loving crud out of me. The game whispers at you. Yup, it whispers. But not cute little fun whispers, no. It whispers the perfect thing at the perfect time to make every hair on your body stand on end. Imagine what Jack from The Shining heard in his head. Yup, that's this game. I just heard about some lab technician's unusual demise and now I hear a a whisper.. follow me.. I jump out of my skin. A couple of minutes later.. help me.. That's it. Game's going off. I think I need to listen to They Might Be Giants and read the last chapter of Lord of the Rings. That's an upper!

The goofy songs are almost working..

12:26 CDT Monday 08/16/2004

Ah, what's the latest you may ask. Well, I'm working on a new section for the website. You'll hear all about it soon enough, but for now, it's under wraps. Should be fun.

I'm heading out east this weekend. This will be my first attempt at getting myself to the airport in a timely manner on a work night. Kathleen's parents are going to be in Delaware, so the bunch of us will have some time to hang out and whatnot. It should be much fun.

Doom 3 is still really scary, but there haven't been any whisperings recently. It's now settling into the more predictable, but still startling type scares. I imagine the game is waiting until I'm nice and complacent. I'm getting there.

I had a nice weekend with little going on. I had a margarita for the first time in a long time, and the first time ever with salt around the rim. I found the tequila/lime/salt combo quite tasty. I'm glad I haven't spoiled tequila for myself, because I still find it a rather interesting flavor.

Anyway, enjoy yourselves. Type at you later..

22:52 CDT Monday 08/23/2004

Well, I've managed to plant seeds of contact in all branches of my family, so the word is spreading. I've tried to call a bunch of my friends, but I haven't gotten to everyone yet. I've got pretty good news. Well, in the immortal words of my brother, I've gone and done it. You know that girl, Kathleen, who I talk about all the time? We've decided to get married, and we're engaged as of August 21st.

I'm happier about the situation than I could possibly convey here, both because of my limited skill with words, but also because an entry on a personal wesbite simply cannot do such a thing justice. Plus, there is no emoticon for ecstasy exploding out my ears. I'm just so happy that Kathleen and I have decided to spend our lives together. I really love her, and I'm quite glad our future together is now solid.

The new section I alluded to the other day has to do with all this. It's going to be a place where people can go to get some information about the two of us and the upcoming wedding. It may not be as exciting as brinance to some of you, so just console yourself in that this website has several audiences. Updates forthcoming...

This past weekend, Kathleen and I went to Longwood Gardens near Philadelphia. We took a couple of photos, which you are now free to peruse.

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