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02:10 CST Tuesday 02/03/2004

Well, the Super Bowl came and went with nary a play watched here at the Kelly apartment. Neither John nor I were particularly excited about watching this year. It's kinda sad when the commercials get previewed on the internet a month before game time.. I also hear I missed Miss Jackson's indecent exposure. I guess discussion of that will be good for a chuckle at work.

I took the non-football opportunity to catch up on my replay of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Good, even the second time through. I still doubt I'll get all the secrets and whatnot. Speaking of games, I've been playing through The 7th Guest again, which I was surprised can still run on my computer. It was released in 1992, which is several eons ago in computer software years. Still fun, though, and pretty funny at times, unintentionally. :)

Flying to see Kathleen for Valentine's in a couple of weeks. I doubt there will be many pictures taken, as I hear it's cold and not all that pleasant in Delaware now. It'll still be great to see her, though. :) Wish me luck in the preparation of dinner!

12:30 CST Friday 02/06/2004

I am re-reading Lord of the Rings for the first time. I finished up The Silmarillion a month or so ago, so I figured it was time to give the big guy another go. This time around, it's like a reading a whole different story! The Silmarillion fills in the gaps that appeared mostly as background noise and depth before. Before, the elves invoked some random person, a god more than likely. Now I know who Elbereth is, and and the whole section has a new meaning. Very fun. If you've only seen the movies, you've barely scratched the surface.

I saw on Slashdot (Do I even need to link to Slashdot?) that Stephen Wolfram has published his book A New Kind of Science online! One of my first Java programs is based on ideas in the book. Order from chaos and all that jazz. The full text is now available to anyone. Very cool.

Quiet weekend upcoming. I see Lord of the Rings and The Legend of Zelda in my future. :)

01:26 CST Tuesday 02/17/2004

Just flew in from Delaware, and boy are my arms tired! Woo! I kill me..

Had a fantastic time with Kathleen for Valentine's this weekend. We mostly just stayed in and ate a lot. We were happy. :) I got a sweater and she got a rose bush. Happiness abounds.

Kathleen dropped me off at BWI in Baltimore earlier tonight and we encountered someone who seemed to fancy himself very important. I was checking my bag and getting my boarding pass when the gentlemen at the kiosk next to me raised his voice. "So this plane you've got me on isn't a jumbo jet? I specifically requested a jumbo jet, like I do every time." Tragedy further struck him when the Delta representative behind the counter informed him no "jumbo jets" (Does that mean it has first class?) were scheduled for Cincinnati that night. He busted out the cell phone and made a call to someone he could complain to, but it seemed like he was calling his own company. He emphatically and loudly relayed his dissatisfaction to the listener on the line. For extra umph, he gave the touch screen of the kiosk a swift and loud jab as he said "..every time! This is unacceptable!" I found this to be untenable. I don't remember exactly what I said, but it went something like this: "Sir, that is absolutely unacceptable behavior." I made sure to say it loud enough so that he would make no mistake that I was talking to him. He started to say something with a snide look on his face but I cut him off. "No! Just who do you think you are?" This time he started with the "I'm on the phone" tack. "Do you mind?!" he says. HA! "Yes, I do mind! That is completely unacceptable." Mouth agape, he storms away. Done with his hissy fit, he had no proper response to my statements, because he was a twerp.

Result: Brian gets moved up to First Class. Drinks are on the house. Go Delta!

19:30 CST Thursday 02/26/2004

More Guster is promised for this weekend, thanks to the Uptown Theatre and OAR. A few of John's friends are coming in for the show and it will surely be an excellent time. We'll get to show off the "new" apartment to some more folks, the last being Todd and Ben way back at the beginning of December, ages upon ages ago.

Beyond that, the upcoming travels include Chicago for St. Patrick's Day once again, and little else planned. There will certainly be pictures from that event, as it's been too long since Ben and Todd have graced the pages of That will be remedied.

Shout out to my peeps at the point.

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