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01:37 CST Tuesday 12/02/2003

It was a wonderful trip out east yet again. I spent Thanksgiving with Kathleen's family for the second year running. Peoria next year, I say. I'll have pictures up soon. Most at least.

The night before I left for Pittsburgh, I managed to dislocate my shoulder at work by simply stretching my arms above my head. I definitely need to get it looked at before the rates go up with my insurance. Major stink.

A heating pad a couple of glasses of wine later (Kathleen didn't quite do her share sometimes on those bottles..) and all was well. It was a fabulous extended weekend. Now just to survive until the Christmas festivities. Easier for some than for others..

21:13 CST Wednesday 12/03/2003

Most of the pictures have gotten themselves together, little thanks to me. You'll notice a couple more entries on the Uncategorizables page. There are pictures from my most recent trip out east. My cousin got married. ..And I spent Thanksgiving, once again, in Pittsburgh. Whoo!

More pics for sure in a couple of weeks with the onset of Christmas. Cheers!

00:12 CST Monday 12/08/2003

Rough day today for me. Todd and Ben were in for the weekend for no particular reason, which was wonderful. We had a fun old time, and drank a lot. We also smoked cigars and I think that may have sent me over the edge. By morning, I felt utterly horrible, and didn't feel any better until about 4 in the afternoon. By then though, I was feeling fairly decent, so John and I made it to a 5pm mass nearby, which was dang swell. We then met up with our church's young adult group and saw The Last Samurai which was better than I thought it would be.

Despite my late wake-up, I'm already pretty tired. More resumes to send out tomorrow. Good night web.

01:05 CST Wednesday 12/10/2003

Not only can people around Kansas City not drive in normal weather, they're even worse once Winter™ shows itself. We finally got some weather today, involving rain into sleet into light hail into gail force snowstorm. Big tip for all of KC: if you don't have any traction, rolling your tires faster does not help. Actually, you might say it makes it worse. You might say that if you wanted to be right, that is. Another tip: approach traffic lights very slowly in snow and ice, so that you can still maybe stop. Oh, and to help stop, try down-shifting. If you lose traction, let off the break and the accelerator. This is my advice to the great KC metro area. If you can't figure these out, then by all means stay home!!

Oh, and try the turn signal out. It's swell.

15:44 CST Thursday 12/25/2003

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. We've had internet trouble at home, so I've had to get my build system working from my email server. All seems to be mostly well at this point, though. I'm working on getting some pictures from my Christmas with Kathleen and the family in Peoria. Should be good.

And, once again, Merry Christmas from Sprint PCS. Boy oh boy.

Update: Got the pictures from Christmas up here (Pictures->Christmas 2003).

17:40 CST Monday 12/29/2003

Hope you enjoyed that last round of pictures. There should be more coming up after this weekend. Kathleen and I are off to Las Vegas to do "research." :) Seriously, we're going to be looking into historical Las Vegas advertising at UNLV, the Neon Boneyard, and elsewhere. But of course, we'll get some fun stuff in, like the Star Trek Experience. Yes, we're geeks.

Getting mentally prepped for the long drive home this evening. Then I can get home and spend some quality time with my new possessions amassed during the holiday festivities. Anyhoo, all is quite well.

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