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02:26 CDT 09/02/2003

Another milestone in the maintenance of this website.. And yet another entire log entry blown away in the beta testing thereof. No biggy. I'll summarize what was lost in the following paragraphs.

Been playing Call of Duty lately (demo here). A ton of fun. Realistic and gritty, plus an awesome shell-shock "JOHNNY NO!" mode that may induce flashbacks in hardened veterans. Constant gunfire and a real sense of danger abounds. Turn the volume way up. :) Give it a try if you're a gamer, or if for some other weird reason you've got a fast computer and high-end video card.

Ah, and the weekend plans. It's been so long since I've been out of town.. or not. This trip promises to be quite the highlight, though. I'll be seeing Kathleen for the first time in a bit over a month. She's basically a new driver and she's braving the Maryland interstate highway system for me. Isn't she the greatest? :)

Oh, and take a load of the land tax rant on John's page (Yah Henry George!).

21:34 CDT 09/04/2003

Ah, work always gets in the way. I have a life to live you know? Or something..

Off to the Little Wonder this weekend. No big plans in particular, which is why I'm sure it will be wonderful.

Mad props to the lil sis who has started school in the big city. She is attending my alma mater and awfully excited about the prospects. She was going to follow in her big brother's footsteps and study computer science, but instead opted for French after she did well on the aptitude test. Miss Curtis would be proud.

Everything seems slow when a good weekend is coming up..

00:05 CDT 09/06/2003

Yes, whee. Now for at least 3 hours of sleep. :)

00:37 CDT 09/09/2003

Back from Delaware all in one piece. Thanks to all the flying, I've managed to rack up a free flight from SouthWest! Where ever shall I journey? Probably back to Delaware, but I do have a trip to Chicago on the horizon for my eldest cousin's wedding in November, which should be tons of fun. Maybe I'll finally get some family pictures up here? Crazy.

I didn't take too many pictures out east this time. On Sunday, Kathleen and I visited Hagley, the namesake for her fellowship at UD. I'll have details on the picture page in progress. It was very pretty. :)

John is off to Boston and locations eastward this weekend with a few guys from school. I partake in this by driving him to the airport. Hey, what are brothers for?

01:10 CDT 09/11/2003

Finished the pictures! The last couple of days at work have been fairly hellish, so there hasn't been much downtime to work on the site here. Pictures from yet another trip out east are at Pictures->Various Uncategorizables->Hagley, DE. Pretty place. More info on that there linked page.

Dropping off John bright and early tomorrow, then likely back to bed. I have a weekend all by my lonesome approaching, which means cheap entertainment will be the watch-word. Maybe it's time to rent Super Mario Sunshine again. Here we go!

12:46 CDT 09/12/2003

Just a quickie.. Apparently this is making it around the blog circuit, so I had to jump on.. Strangely addictive. Wait for the end.. :) I didn't make this, but I present you with's first posted flash cartoon. The downhill slide thus begins. (Changed it.. pointing at the real source now.. The site is again flash-free..)

I'm sorry.

02:15 CDT 09/15/2003

Ah, a quiet weekend at home. I managed to not spend too much money, which is swell. Caught up with friends and fam thank to Unlimited Night and Weekends™. Slowing down at this point, though.

My favorite sandwich place outside the Windy City seems to have opened up a local establishment. They're not open yet, but the moment they do, I plan on quickly ordering a #14 with cheese on French, full of mayonnaisey goodness. Mmm..

Oh, and our internet connection here seems to be spotty at best lately. Maybe it'll be better once we get downtown at the end of the month. For now, though, all I can do is write this log entry. It won't be posted until I'm back online, which I probably won't try until I wake up later on. Blech.

Mushroom, mushroom.

16:03 CDT 09/19/2003

A week from tomorrow, John and I move into our new place. It's gonna be swanky. Front AND back doors, back deck, fireplace and in-unit lanudry, all within walking distance of some great bars and easy access to the interstate.

John happened upon some hilarity in Google's translation service. There are a few fun things on that page, but what we're looking at in this episode is translating a web page. Try this, for instance. Pronouncing German is fun! It's fun to make fun of other people's language! But, of course, English is a lot of fun, too. In what other language do you take one of the hardest sounds, and making it silent by following it with an "N?" Yup, that's a "K." Crazy.. Enjoy your Googling!

Kathleen is coming to visit in a couple of weeks, which is totally sweet. Then the folks should be coming to visit a couple of weeks later. I'm not planning on getting out of town until November for my cousin's wedding. Which should totally rule. Tata for now.

02:12 CDT 09/26/2003

It's been a while since I've posted, so here I go. If you don't really care about blogging, move on. If you don't like blogs, do read on..

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about blogging. I've known from the beginning that I didn't like to think of myself as a blogger. I think the whole thing is kind of dumb and inane. (Mood: pensive.. Music: Great Big Sea - Lukey) I doubt anyone really wants to know my inner thoughts and responses to every little detail. Well, there are a few of you, but I actually talk to you pretty often, so no need to publish that I got lost in thought while cooking my hot pockets today to the global web. (Ooh, Beatles - Across the Universe now..)

To this end, I don't use any blogging software other than my own home-brew combination of shell scripts and makefiles. (Which I am rather proud of..) But really, I think the one thing that makes this not a blog is that there aren't forums. After reading about problems on Cat Schwartz' and Rachel Lucas' blogs with people being jerks in their forums, and watching it happen in a blog close to me, I am further sure I don't want forums. It seems to me that forums are what make a blog, and what make a blog banal.

So, I doubt there will ever be forums here. If you want to get in touch with me, my email's on the left. And if you're someone I'd actually like to talk to, then I'll give you my real email address. Like I've said, this is my view unto the web; it's not my blog.

18:31 CDT 09/30/2003

Well, the move is complete, and now we simply have the recovery as our stuff settles in. The place is really nice, and all of you should come visit ASAP. I'll even pick you up at the airport or train station, whatever your fancy be.

Also, to add to the confusion, John and I work in a new place now. So Friday night, I left the old workplace and headed back home to Midtown, but now I leave Leawood and head up to Quality Hill. A bit distressing, but we'll make do, I'm sure.

Big weekend coming up. Kathleen is coming for another visit, but so are the folks. We're all going to head out to the Missouri wine country, Hermann, for Oktoberfest and all that jazz. It should be pretty swell. Plus, they all get to check out the new digs.

Work to do. Gotta scoot.

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