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Happy days, they are a comin' again! Well, not that I haven't been happy lately. Things have been goin' pretty well despite the joblessness (perhaps that contributed to happiness..?), but now I'm gonna be happy AND employed. This means many things. I'm moving soon. Depending on which job pans out, either to elsewhere in Peoria or down to KC to move in with my bro. Either way is pretty cool. Among my many financial promises to myself, I'm gonna build a whole new computer, and turn my current box into a two headed beast to do my file and net serving. Here's what I'm thinking thus far:

One piece is conspicuously missing from this list, you might notice (or maybe you didn't..). No video card there. Well, I'm still thinking long and hard about that. I'll be able to plop down for the latest, methinks. My primary goal though is good Linux performance, but I *really* don't like those proprietary drivers from nVidia. I've heard they're more stable lately, but I pride myself on running a 100% Free system (vrms runs without complaint these days, even with full OpenGL acceleration). Unfortunately, the latest ATI cards don't seem to have good drivers, especially not Free ones. The nVidia drivers have great performance, but... See what I'm talking about? It sucks that you have to make sacrifices like that just to play friggen' games..


Things seem to be falling together with the job and all the requisite crud to go along with it. I've been getting a good deal of email from people I haven't talked to in a bit after I sent out a massively massive email to announce my new employed status. I went for my drug test today. I *think* I passed, I hope, I hope, I hope. :) One email that I got back was from my good friend, Tim Herman. He sent me a cool pic (244k) that he took after encountering a very rare timber rattle snake. Don't worry folks, he's a trained professional. Keep herping, Tim! :)


Well, first day of work was yesterday, with training the day before. The move-in to KC went well, but the apartment is still kind of a disaster, because I really don't have places to put anything, except on the far side of my bed. Which brings me to my point.. I got a free desk and bed from a friend of my brother's through KCGeek. The bed is pretty basic, and luckily, my step-mom packed sheets for me that happened to be the right size. Score. The desk is super-cool, have a look. I'm a big fan of the whole multi-tiered deal. Apparently, he got a few of these things for free. So I'm set up well here. Next mission: get a dresser. Soon my pretties; maybe when I get paid..


With my first full week of Real World™ work almost behind, things still seem to be in good shape. John and I are gonna move into another (larger) apartment in the building at the beginning of October, so that will be nice, if a tad laborious. Well worth it though, as we'll each have our own bedroom and bathroom. Very little else is going on, though. Maybe I should actually tell people about this page, rather than simply serve the one person who reads it with any regularity.. Yes, you know who you are, and it's been awhile since you updated your site... Get to it! :)

Oh, and I think I've finally found a somewhat unique color scheme that I think I like. I've been garnering inspiration from a couple sites' colors, mainly Kuro5hin and Ace's Hardware. What do you think? You have my email already..


Been updating some more. I've made the 'Programming' link there in the index a little more interesting. It now brings you to a page of some recent and current programming projects of mine. Nothing terribly interesting, but there's some code there that beginners might find interesting. Cheers.

Other than that, life remains good. Moving this weekend. Planning a trip to go see her and the gang out east for the end of October. I hope that can pan out. I may even have money soon; enough to get my new computer and a GameCube, and I can return to the video game junkie life I've left behind and long for... C'est la vie, n'est-ce pas? Au revoir, pour maintenant..

miz-ouse? You kill me.. :)


Ah, the move is mostly done. My room is still a pit, but that's mostly because I don't have any furniture to put stuff on rather than put it on the floor. I've cleared a path from my door to my desk (one piece of furniture, very cool, pictured below..) with an off-ramp to my bed. My closet is hideously small. It's fairly wide but it's roughly 2 feet deep. Not as deep as a hanger is wide, at least. Yup, my clothes are angled in my closet.. :) Rock on..

I am also missing what has become a weekly ritual for me in the past couple months, the weekly vocal check-in with Kathleen. John assures me we'll have phones with dialtones and everything on Wednesday, but it's SouthWestern Bell's hands, not his or mine. I looked around a bit for free internet phone stuff, like what I tried a bit in college, but it looks like the free ones are gone, even for 800 numbers. Alas..

Anyway, this week looks pretty blah. I've got some side work to do banging on a coworker's linux box. I need to setup Wine and try to make some games work. We'll see. I've still gotta try to get his parallel zip drive going, but most other things seem to work fine. Other than that, getting used to the new place, which is a good deal larger, with separate bedrooms/bathrooms and a big kitchen. Life is good in KC. It'll be great when I can manage to hop a plane. :) Soon..

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