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Well, I'm in Peoria for the week(end) with a return to Chicago sometime between Sunday and Tuesday, depending on money. Big family party this weekend, as it's my grandpa's 80th birthday. I'm being pretty lazy and looking for jobs by day, partying with family by night. Pretty good times.


Peoria with the fam was fun. Now I'm back in Chicago, for the moment. It looks like I'm heading back down there for the time being until something pans out job-wise. Prospects are looking fairly silent. I hear this is about the opposite of the hiring season, with January/February being the time I need. That's quite a ways off. I hope I can find something before then..


First off, Happy Birthday to my brother who graciously hosts this site. It would be even cooler if I had a good site! Anyhoo, I'm currently packing and about to head back down to Peoria. The car is about half-loaded, so I took a break to grab my last meal in this apartment. ( / wipes a tear.. ) I may well have fast internet once again soon if the job down at the UIUC Newman center works out. Finger crossed.. As far as the site is concerned, I'm starting to think that blue on black for links is hard to read, so I may do some tweaking.. Exciting, eh? Ciao for now.


Still in Peoria. I'm off to Greenbelt, MD by way of Baltimore by way of Chicago tomorrow. Traveling day indeed, but I should still be there in time for din-din. Taking it easy tonight, catching up on email and web stuff, errands around town and maybe I'll get some of my CDs cleaned. The week in Champaign was very good. Some cash in my pocket for my trip, learned a bit (for instance that my instincts that WinNT was terrible were right.. oh Lord..), and got some good work done for Newman. Everyone wins! Anyhoo, I'm really looking forward to the trip out East. Should be a ton of fun and a little stress relief before I jump back into job hunting.


Writing from a modem connection at Scott and Jackie's in Greenbelt. Just celebrated Lisa G's birthday with a bit of Chinese food and some Scrabble, which I lost at miserably. Good fun despite. :) Had a great time the other day in DC with Kathleen on the 21st. Seen a bunch of DC, including the zoo yesterday. A little bit of Baltimore on Sunday, with some more coming tonight. Kathleen, Jackie and Scott have been excellent tour-guides/hosts. Very fun trip so far, and surely not soon forgotten. :) I should be back in beautiful Peoria late Saturday. Back to the job hunt upon return. Fun fun!

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