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Well, I got somewhat of a decent page, finally. If you can read this, it means your browser is sort of up to date. Congrats! I might put some ramblings and whatnot up here on this front page, but for now, there ya go. You should be able to exhaust this site in about 15 minutes if you have a fast connection and don't like to read much about Italy. Happy Hunting!


One site crash down (watch out that #rm -rf . stuff), and yet I still recover. I'm still playing with the layout and format a bit. I'm relying a bit less on <iframe>'s, but I still kinda like them, so they're still around. IE doesn't do them right, because apparently Microsoft doesn't give two shakes about web standards. Anyhoo, yet another good idea ruined because Microsoft stinks big hooie. But I digress. Enjoy the minuscule changes I've made. Off I go to make a backup..


Linked up this page on a mailing list, so maybe I'll get some traffic and my brother will boot me off his machine? We'll see. I doubt I'll have many return visitors, as I really don't have much content except 0.5 MB pics from Italy. I'll get those shrunk right soon. I swear. Enjoy!

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