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Brinance version 3

Again, we have a new and improved brinance! Here's the lowdown.

To get the same functionality you're used to, or at least a fully working command-line program, two files are involved. Don't worry, I'm packaging them together. The most important file is ''. It's a working Perl module file that provides a simple programming interface to deal with brinance's account files, so a Perl programmer can write an interface for the user to deal with the files. This file is not executable, and doesn't run on its own.

So, I also wrote a file called 'brinance' that is executable, but it needs the module file. This executable provides almost the same command-line interface as the 2.x series. Almost, but a little better, in my opinion. It now supports command-line option bundling (-b1b instead of -b -1 -b).

The point of this modularization is to make it easy to write a different interface. The two possibilities that jump to mind are writing a secure web page interface, and to write a GUI interface for X11 using perl/tk or perl/gtk. I'm going to try to tackle a GTK interface. It'll be my first foray into GUI interface design/implementation. Don't worry though, I just finished reading a book on the subject, so I'm sure it will be fine. (HA!)

Both of these files are based upon the code in the 2.x series, with the requisite module mumbo-jumbo inserted where needs be. Conveniently, I've included a Makefile that sort of brutally installs it all for you. There are also instructions on how to do it yourself included. It's all pretty easy, so dive in.

For the adventurous, the point of the module is so you can write your own interface for brinance, if that tickles your fancy. I've put together some information on using the module. It's included in the tarball, but it may be easier to read in HTML. Hopefully, you can find the module specification useful.

Anyway, you can download it here:


brinance-3.13.tar.gz - Minor cleanup and fixed a bug with invalid dates passed to a dated transaction

brinance-3.12.tar.gz - Fixed a bug with account numbers that could lead to data loss. Upgrade is advised.

brinance-3.11.tar.gz - Slight command-line UI improvements. A bit of code-cleanup. It's better.

brinance-3.10.tar.gz - Can now apply transactions at any specified date, along with some code cleanup

brinance-3.01.tar.gz - Updates to module documentation and some needed code cleanup/standardization

brinance-3.00.tar.gz - Initial release


Jonathan Finger sent me the work he had done on a Tk interface for brinance. Give it a whirl. I still plan on putting together a GTK interface, but this is at least reassuring proof that another interface can, in fact, be written. Thanks Jonathan!

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