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Brinance version 2

Well, I redid it. After looking around at other financial planning programs, I decided I needed the ability to post future transactions, as well as check the balance at a date in the future. The more I thought about this, the more I wanted to do it in Perl. So it's done.

Further work I would like to do is to convert this over to a Perl module, so it would be easy to write a GUI, or any other interface for it. So, at this point, I believe 3.0 will be just a simple command line interface to those functional Perl modules. I already have the code written in such a way that the functions simply pass values back that the program then interprets. Only the main loop actually prints anything to the screen. It shouldn't be too difficult to pull off. But it should be more fun. :)

Here is a syntax-highlighted version (version 2.4), but I still need to put in some more inline documentation. I do have POD for each subroutine, but it's pretty preliminary. It's basically valid POD, and little else. The POD's tell what the subroutine does and what the return values mean. Happy hacking or banking, whatever your bent may be.


brinance-2.4.tar.gz - Some final cleanups before heading over to 3.x

brinance-2.3.tar.gz - Minor doc fixes and removal of dependence on Number::Format

brinance-2.2.tar.gz - More chasing the date bugs.. Leap years are tough..

brinance-2.1.tar.gz - Fixed a date bug, and added documentation. - Initial release in Perl

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