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New Wine Rack: I got a wine rack for Christmas. Furniture pictures!

Goose Island Tour: Ben and I enjoyed the brewery tour. I suggest you do so also.

Crocodile monitor blood test: Fun at the Toledo Zoo with large reptiles. Sweet..

Longwood Gardens, PA: Kathleen and I went to Longwood, a sister property of Hagley.

New Apartment: I move up to the Chicago area and document the event.

Philadelphia with Kathleen: We see some historic locations in Philly.

Spring in Delaware: Kephas Olsson's baptism and spring springing at Winterthur

St. Pat's 2k4: Once again, back by popular demand!

New couches!: We got new couches! Look at the old and the new!

The Neon Museum Boneyard: Lots of old fluorescent signs. For historical purposes. :)

Thanksgiving '03 in Pittsburgh: Turkey and more!

Chris and Regan's wedding: Regan got married, and a bit of it is chronicled here.

Winterthur, DE: Another visit with Kathleen in Delaware, this time to Hagley's sister museum, Winterthur.

KC, October 2K3: A few tidbits.. John and I move, and sundry others..

Hagley, DE: Off to see Kathleen's new digs in Delaware. Good times and pretty scenery.

Bawls!: Pics from QuakeCon where there was a multitude of Bawls.

Visiting Toledo: Yeah for backstage zoo tours!

Schmittypalooza 2003: Tonica, IL, August 9th. Just two pics to prove it happened.

John's new desk: John got a snazzy looking desk. I guess I have a theme going here..

K's Birthday out East: Pictures from the weekend of Kathleen's birthday, but not the actual party. Read on..

Sprint BBQ: Some of my coworkers and I took part in a BBQ cook-off on June 11th. Much meat was consumed, and much fun was had.

Baltimore, and Tulips: I visited Kathleen again in April, and got pics to prove it this time. Tulips abound.. Bonus..

Visiting Kathleen: ...with no pictures of Kathleen. I wasn't very diligent with the camera on this trip. I visited Kathleen out in Baltimore from the 8th to the 11th of March, 2003. We went to DC on the 10th and had a wonderful time all around. These pictures are some quick shots taken about the District.

Kathleen visits: Kathleen visited Kansas City for the first time from the 18th to 22nd of January, 2003. We had a wonderful time, but didn't get many pictures. Take a look.

Quick trip to Peoria: John and I drove to Peoria to spend about 24 hours in town for the occasion of our Grandmother's 80th birthday party. She claims she has never had a birthday party before. It was a fun time with a bit of good catch-up with the Evans folks.

More snow: I like snow. Here are my first shots with my Christmas present of a digital camera capturing some Christmas Eve snow in Peoria at the end of 2002.

Snow: (276k) Susan Clark sent me this, a beautiful snowy shot of her street after a nice dusting on the second of December, 2002. Pretty.. I love snow..

Tim: (236k) Tim Herman sent me this picture of him holding a venomous timber rattle snake while on a hike in the Ohio wilds. Apparently a very rare find. Cool..

Desk: (29k) My desk. I took this pic soon after moving in to show off my cool and free desk that I got from a friend of John's. I was pretty happy. Yay furniture! It's almost like I'm living a normal life in the real world or something. Odd..