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The voyage to Bell'Italia

These are the group emails I wrote back to friends and family while I was in Italy and abroad. There's a lot of text, perhaps much of it uninteresting. I get pretty detailed in my impressions, so at least I'm happy I have them.. The one or two links I have built-in don't work, because this is very much a work in progress

In chronological order...

First letter home

Intro to Italy for me..

Ravenna, Pisa, Lucca, Populonia and more!!

The beautiful places

Venice, parents visiting, Etruria and France... (long..)

Rome, Thanksgiving and more (really long..)

Wrap-up, Final Days (still pretty long..)

Lots O' Pictures

Here are some pictures from my last weeks there. Some of these have some really off colors because I was fiddling with them in the GiMP. Different colored eyes in some places.. weird.. Trying to fix some red-eye stuff, which is fairly bad in many cases..