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Jackie and Scott got married!

Well, they finally did it, and yours truly was present and got some pictures off of Jackie's mom a week or so later. Here they are. I had a ton of fun and met some pretty awesome people. If you missed the ceremony, these pictures will certainly convey everything you missed. Yeah...

These shots are off of a photo-CD that Jackie's mom let me borrow. All props to Mrs. Knoblauch.

Click on the not-so-small pics to get an even bigger picture.

Final Preparation
00 Final Preparation-small

Scott's Ready
01 Scott's Ready-small

Jackie's Ready
02 Jackie's Ready-small

Jackie Greets
03 Jackie Greets-small

Quick Prayer
04 Quick Prayer-small

Fuzzy Mike
05 Fuzzy Mike-small

The Sisters
06 The Sisters-small

At Altar 1
07 At Altar 1-small

At Altar 2
08 At Altar 2-small

Many shots at the Grotto at St. Mary of Lourdes »