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On Monday, Todd and I went around catching up with whoever we ran into. We had planned a couple stops, but some just came up. I had to get to my old job, University Ministry and BASIC, and whatever else. Didn't get many pictures of whatever else, though, though there was plenty.

Two of my coworkers from my senior year at DePaul, Jen and Megan. Megan's family also hosts a great St. Patrick's Day party every year, which Todd, Ben and I attended last year, but missed this year on account of not finding her at mass. Swell gals. :)

Me with Jackie and Greg, some of the staff folks who work for DePaul's Catholic Community. Sounds like they're having a great year, but they weren't so busy they couldn't stop to take a picture with me.

Shane, math genius. Matt, frisbero extraordinaire. Michael, Auroran by birth, Homestar Runner fan by choice. All around good Catholic guys. They weren't expecting me, so they made sure to wear their Monday late-morning best.

I tried to snap a photo of Todd when he first answered the door at his place for me, but my camera was uncooperative. So I got one on my way out. Thanks be to my cameraman.

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