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Saturday March 15th, 2003. I returned to Chicago for the first time since September and had a wonderful time. I saw my sister for about 5 minutes but spent pretty much the whole time with Todd. He is within a few feet of the camera in pretty every picture here, and even in front of the lens a few times!

Some people who have never been to Chicago may notice a lot of scenery shots I took. Chicago is a beautiful town, and I tried to show that. We were also blessed with the clearest skies and warmest temperatures of the year so far, quite unusual for Chicago's St.Patrick's day normal dreary grey overcast. The smaller pictures look better in my opinion, because the larger ones make apparent the limitations of my camera. Some still look pretty nice. Enjoy my favorite city!

Delta flight 5481, O'Hare airport

Inside the airport, with its wavy glass walls. O'Hare is a pretty nice looking airport in my opinion. Here's an odd example.

A map of the El (NOT the "L") posted in every car.

Some scenery »