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Skiing in 'Rado

Julia and I pose and show off our snow gear. Blue was a pretty popular color, so we had trouble finding each other on the mountain sometimes, although her coat was actually a shade of purple. Anyway..

Another shot down a run

Standing on a precipice, I am photographed ready to head down to my certain doom.

<singing>Down in the valley..</singing> I'm sure that's a song..

The second day, Rachel and I headed out together. Here she is at the beginning of our day. Note the smart looking ski suit. :)

"Put me on the left side of the frame, with the valley in front of me." So I landed in the middle of the frame, with some random guy on the left. Ah well..

Rachel in her classic pose. We had a number of great runs down the blue-blacks and black diamonds. Here we are skiing in heavy powder and very wooded runs. This area was called "Frontier Ridge" and all the runs were supposedly rougher and in their "natural state." So, of course, we jumped right at it. :)

A mist of snow hung in the air, covering the trees top to bottom and even underneath. I thought a ride up the lift was good time to capture that.

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