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White Christmas 2k2 in Ptown

Before Christmas 2002, I was home for a bit visiting a snowless Peoria. It was cold enough, but no white stuff. As I started to pack for my trip back to KC, it started coming down. Brand new digital camera in hand, I went about capturing a little bit of it on silicon. Here are the results.

This is the corner of Prospect and Knoxville near my house from the balcony of my bedroom. It's coming down. :)
Prospect & Knoxville

My house, quite snowy. The flash caught a few big globs of snow and I think they look like fireballs raining down. They're not fireballs.
My snowy house

Mostly the driveway, still snowy. My car is there on the right for those who haven't seen it yet.
More snowy house

Pretty exciting, huh? The Digi seems to be working out. More interesting stuff is certainly forthcoming.