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A Quick Trip Home

In my continuing effort to fiddle with my newest toy, I snapped a few shots while I was home for my Grandma's birthday. A few shots are here on this page, and a slight departure on the next..

A quick test of the camera's mettle

Rachel being quite calm on the way to the birthday party. We were kinda jammed into the back seat.
Calm Rachel

John, cousin Ty, and Rachel
John Ty and Rachel

Grandma blew all 80 candles out like a champ, and this is the only picture I managed to snap. I'm lame.
Grandma, post candles

Kids rough-housing..
Kids 1

Kids 2

Kids 3

Kids 4

Kids 5

Kids 6

My Dad trying to quell the madness
Dad and kids

Afterward, John, Rachel and I went over to a nearby graveyard.