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End of the year party at the Old Apartment

Brings a tune to mind.. Anyway, these are the better shots (believe it or not) from the last official party of the year at DePaul, where Ben, Joe, Eric and I shared living space and companionship. Good times were had, and we finally got in trouble for having a keg. Apparently that's against the rules, little did we know. Little did we try to find out either, though. Anyway, the good times at this final blowout more than made up for the small survey that only Ben took as recompense for our transgressions. Uh, yeah..

Ben and I trying to out-jig each other

Ben and Tina going at it

Someone is uncomfortable with photography

Getting down..

Jen and Val loosening up a bit

There seems to a come hither look on the other side of the camera


Is that beer they're drinking? Goodness..

Jess and Katrina find something funny

Someone's in the kitchen with..

Pretty funny, huh Kristen?

Kristen and her brother, another proud Eagle Scout, were in attendance

This is me without chemical assistance. Really. Scary, huh?

Me and Val

More women all the time.. Darn the luck.

Dan is sad. Or drunk. Yeah, Dan is drunk.

Look at my amazing uvula!

Smile ladies!


Ben having a little chat with Tina, who was dressed for dancing
Ben & Tina