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Pictures from Rolls Gone By...

Here I will attempt to organize a rather random collection of photos I developed all at once that spanned about 18 months, from December 2000 to June 2002. Breathe in the incomprehensibility of why I would hold onto undeveloped rolls of film for so long a time...

I must apologize for the quality of these. Target did a nasty job putting these on CD. The prints look much much nicer. Maybe I'll get a scanner someday..

Muir Woods, CA: December 2000 - Trees in Cali (10 images)

Maquoketa Caves, IA: May 2001 - Mud in Iowa (3 images)

QuakeCon, Mesquite, TX: August 2001 - Quake in Mesquite (4 images)

DePaul, Chicago, IL: May 2002 - Beer in Chicago (21 images)

And a random few to finish off the roll...

Cousin Katie, smiling pretty for the camera

Jackie & Scott chillin' at the apartment post-Ben Folds, pre-they're leaving and then we commence an impromptu party

Before packing up, I finished off the roll of film by taking a couple of pictures of all of my crap strewn about my apartment. Here you can see our delightful stained glass windows that came for free (!) with the place
Apartment Living Room

And here you can see our lovely wood built-in that was home to a bunch of liquor and all our action figures, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles remaining down there if you look closely..
Front Room